Deeds are altogether broken if you're not hosting them

It’s not just a matter of changing difficulty/map.
I was aware of this Changing difficulty and map for deeds only works now if it is the host's deed
so I asked a player not to change it. But still, we didn’t get the modifier nor the reward, and the owner lost it (which is a bit sad, because it was a 2 vault one)


same issue. deeds dont work at all. the deed changing “feature” doesnt either. would be great to see a fix


Needs a fix. Especially annoying for people that love to play Cata Deeds for regular Cata.

Likewise had the same bug.

When a friend hosted and used one of their deeds was a crash as we finished the game. - We got no XP, regular chest or deed reward BUT the deed was not used up.

When I hosted and a friend used their deed.
The deed modifier didn’t apply in the level.
Upon completing the level ONLY my friend who’s deed it was got the extra chest rewards.
The deed was used up.

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