Deeds only working when the deed owner is the host and disapearing otherwise

When we try to play a deed and the owner of the deed (who is NOT the host) launches it, it does not apply the modifiers, but the deed still counts and gives the reward to the owner of the deed, BUT not to everybody else AND the deed is consumed. If the owner of the deed happens to be the host, the modifiers DO work and everything works as it should (at least as far as I have been able to check).

We have tested this 4 times with the host NOT being the deed owner and 2 with the host being the deed owner. The results have been consistent so far.

I have no pictures nor video evidence so far, but it should be easy to replicate if what I wrote before is true.

There was a similar report already, but it was only about the legal exploit of customizing the map and difficulty. What I’m reporting is a little more general than that.

Thanks for reading this report :wink:


Can confirm that deeds do not work when a client is selecting the deed and prompting the game.


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