QP Deeds: fixed but NOT reworked. Many bugs still present... Where is the priority?

Hi! I don’t want to be rude, but let me understand.

Players complain deeds since day one. They would be such a great thing to improve longevity and variety. Sadly they are a terribly closed system… such a waste.

QP bug was the only possibility to partially resolve the problem… And, patch after patch, you are investing resources and time to fix it.

What is the problem? Are you worried that players could farm legend deeds at recruit? 99,99% of players increased the deeds’ difficulty, not the opposite!
Or are you worried that players could farm 100 victories and deeds challenges at the same time? Grindintide must remains Grindintide. Right.

The problem becomes more serious if we think that there are still many bugs present since day one! You should invest your resources to fix those bugs… To rework deeds, matchmaking, crafting system… Not to fix the only good bug.

Sorry for the salty thread. Thanks for reading.


They said they wanted to focus on game health alot more. Basically the deed map switch is an exploit, so it should be fixed, but i dont think fatshark realises how much content they removed from players. They could of just acknowledged the exploit and made it into a feature they have control over. So we can still do cata/dlc map deeds while we are waiting on the big deed rework. Now they are gonna have alot of players complaining to them about deeds, and we are gonna get impatient waiting for deed rework and some are gonna leave.


Do you really think that will happen in the near future? I mean look at how much time passed until Lohners because WoM happened, and the system is still kinda beta-state (filters are integrated unfunctional, kinda random pricing, overloaded with already owned stuff) , next on the list is Versus… and I’m 80% sure the release will be close to WoM level, so where is the time and ressources for reworks? I mean with all the things that need to be adressed (deeds/crafting/Lohners & maybe some things for the keep/still buggy and half-baked beastmen faction/weaves seasons/etc) thats kind of a 3.0-level thing we are talking about and regaring the fact that FS didn’t rework or improve already released stuff ever I’m a little pessimistic, prove me wrong please :pleading_face:

I don’t know why everything takes ages for FS, they really need to find the reason for that slow production and fix it, @Fatshark_Hedge mentioned somewhere on the forums the last few days, that they have ideas and are looking into all kinds of stuff but it’s sometimes hard to get things going the way it should, so maybe it’s a fundamental technological issue that keeps em back…
And when their system/code/whatever is slowing them down so much, they can only get small chunks of content out but still have all the staff costs and are running into financial issues what forces em to release monetizable content over fixes… pretty much a vicious circle… It’s like building a house, but not finishing a floor and wondering if the whole construction will collapse at some point.

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They just released an experimental patch that reintroduced the deed “exploit”.


No i know it will take a while, that’s why i suggested to keep the exploit in the game as a feature maybe adjust some things to not allow legend deeds on recruit and we’ll be busy untill deed rework. Now that they removed it, it takes away a portion of the content and people will complain about deed rework taking so long, i mean people already do with the exploit.

that wish became true already :grin: well atleast for the beta-version until now