Heroic Deeds

If you activate a heroic deed without having the hero power to do so and then que for any other mission the deed affixes stay on and you get the reward and deed completion. You can complete Legend deeds on recruit doing this.

Afaik this is “intended” at the moment… well, it was changed in a patch once and reverted after… bad-tempered community feedback. The core issue was, that it’s the only way to “customize” deeds atm, bc we still have no overhaul of the deed system itself. That means you can change maps, do QP deeds and even do deeds on cataclysm, surely you can “cheat” your deed progression too, but I think it’s still better as it is than having no freedom at all.


Devs are aware of this. They even fixed this, but a lot of people that used this exploit to play deeds on Cata (there are no natural Cata deeds) got frustrated. To be fair until they do something about Cata deeds/Revamp the whole system it’s kinda unfair to remove this exploit for everyone. Anyway, who cares about chest exploits in a PVE game?


I’ve never seen this used for purpose other than having both a QP and a deed and always at legend or cata difficulty. I have seen < legend deeds upgraded to legend and cata.

I presume someone could do it for early rewards, but anyone playing VT a lot wouldn’t really care about the chests.

How exactly do you do this? I’m on console and all my heroes are max level so I don’t know if I can drop my hero power enough to do what you are saying.

It works the same way as selecting a map with Weekly Event up(which is always randomized just like QP without QP bonus).

Someone has to start up the deed vote,go and interact with the physical map itself,wait until the deed vote gets accepted by everyone and then boot up another vote from the map.It’ll start the deed with the map/difficulty you picked

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