Launching heroic Deeds

Hello little warriors of the big game.
It can be seen that many people ride the “wasteland of chaos” and completely forgot about the usual modes.
Heroic deeds do not work if they are not started by the host and restarted at a higher level. Sometimes they work, but more often they don’t.
And after passing the chest for a heroic act is given to the player who used it but the act itself did not work in the map.
I don’t know English so that’s why.

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I think I know what he means. I got into a deed match on chance, as the group I was with from the quickplay before started one. The strange thing was that, even though we clearly started deed mission with “elites replace roaming enemies” and “first knockdown kills”, both of these modifiers did not work. The mission progressed as normal - and I think we did not get deed rewards in the end.

Yes it’s been acknowledged as a bug already. They’ll probably fix it in the next patch, which might be out on june (this is hypotetical on my part, mind, but it’s the kind of bug they try and fix early).