Deed not working as intended

Recently, I had a harrowing experience related to a heroic deed, so I will try to describe it with a smuch details as possible. My apologies if most of the information isn’t of any use, but here goes:

I joined a game as a client via a steam invitation. I was the last player to join - it was a full party, in the keep.
We decided to do a heroic deed and picked one that I had - a blue deed on the Fort Brachsenbrücke map, Champion difficulty.

Everyone accepted the match and went into the portal, followed by a countdown a standard loading screen - all is well so far.

Upon the loading beeing finished, I got a BACKEND ERROR message, and was booted out of the game. This has been happenening every now and then since WoM was released, so I paid no mind.

The other players recieved a Deed owner has left the game message, and all 3 of them are returned to the keep.

I rejoined the same game without issues, and my deed was not consumed, so we decided to try it again.

Here is when things get ugly - deed is accepted and everyone walks into the portal. The countdown starts as normal, but when it ends, no loading takes place for any player. Instead, we all get send straight to a Victory screen - the map didn’t even appear to load.

The victory sequence proceeds as usual as if the map had been cleared, including the “You completed a deed” message, and a chest was awarded to everyone. All stats on the recap screen as 0 for everyone - we didn’t actually play the map. Chests are awarded to everyone, the deed is consumed, everything appears to be back to normal.

Not for me, however - trying to play any other match booted me out of the game with an “Game instance is not trusted by the anti cheat” message. No big surprise there, but I didn’t really do anything to deserve it. Nearly crapped myself at that point, however restarting steam and launching the game again resolved the problem - I have played many matches since then without issues.

I have been too paranoid to try another deed, however. Deeds provide excellent gameplay and are great fun, but I really do not want to get banned by the anti cheat system because they bug out.

And this is it, all the information that I can remember. Naturally, this took place on the official realm, with no mods of any kind. I would like to be able to safely play deeds, but a broken one combined with problems with the anti cheat system means I do not feel safe trying it again. I hope the problem can be pinpointed and resolved.


It would probably help if you attached your session console log to your post.

Navigate to C:\Users\[your Windows username]\AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2\console_logs and locate the log that corresponds with the particular session in which your issue occurred. Edit your post. Click the ‘Upload’ icon within the post controls.


As above it would be appreciated if you could upload the console log that corresponds with this particular session. :slight_smile:

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