Super high special spawn rate

Issue Summary: Super high special spawn rate

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Unknown

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Additional Information:

Special Count: 2 Warpfires, 2 Leeches, 3 Packmasters, 1 Assassin

This continued for a while, and it slowed spawns down shortly after going through one of the two paths at the beginning of the map in Empire of Flames

did u play deeds and than normal game?
bc deeds stack up bug is back.
a classic fatshark fix 10 bugs in return old bugs come back

I recommend “send in the next wave” as well.


Personally, I had just joined and this was a deed game with abduction. I’m 90% sure that the previous game was quick play. I’ll make sure to ask though to be sure.

Edit: Was indeed a specials deed. No pun intended. Never heard it happen with multiple deeds in a row though.

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