How did Bardin get so bloody lost?

According to the Total Warhammer game map, this is where Karak Zorn is located - the “lost” dwarven hold that Bardin is claiming to look for.


And this is where Vermintide 1 and 2 take place.

So he´s off by at least half a continent. How come he´s so far off the mark? I thought Rangers are good at finding stuff.


Bardin went to ubershriek in the first game looking for a lost dwarven tome that claimed to have info on Karak Zorn and got caught up in the end of the ruddy world.


If I remember correctly, the map to Karak Zorn was written in an old Dwarven Language, nobody can speak. And in Ubersreik was apparently a shop, which had a book to translate the language. The shop was burned down and since then Bardin stuck around.


Also Bardin already suspects Karak Zorn to be somewhere in the Southlands according to a little chat with Sienna.


Ok so, there’s several things in place here. For starters, Bardin comes from Karak Ziflin and Karak Norn, which is close to the empire and he went a bit north to find a map in Ubersreik. So that’s why, in general, Bardin is probably wayyyy off of wherever Karak Zorn is, his journey barely started and he’s looking for info.

Second, Karak Zorn IS lost, it’s locked up and completely cut off from all communication with the outside world, dug up in their holes under the ground. Nobody knows where it and its people are. Nobody. Not even whoever is probably neighbors with them, because they’re actually hiding. For like a millenia, and still going strong.
That means that Karak Zorn being a faction in tww is… a creative liberty!

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Well if he keeps looking for it, Fatshark can just follow his journey and have material for Vermintide 3 - 10. You can hop across Skavenblight, visit the Sartosa Pirates, cross the Ork badlands, the Tomb King Deserts and eventuall the southern jungle Lizardpeople.


Do you know from what they are hiding?
Just from the surrounding enemies?

You seem to love the stories of our heroes as much as I do. I don’t think FatShark has the resources to cover every heroes story in such detail. But dearly hope that they further continue the stories. For now, none of the DLCs brought anything new up for our heroes.
We still don’t know at all what Kerillian saw, back in her home.

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Nobody knows why they went into hiding, but it’s not exactly a mystery because there’s tons of reasons why they could’ve.
For example, countless other Karaks simply locked the door and hid it after The Great Catastrophe, a cataclysmic event that wrecked the entirety of the world pretty badly thousands of years ago. The cause of it is unknown to everyone but the skaven (it was the skaven) but the result was intense destruction, earthquakes, the earth splitting, everything going down, etc. Bad times.
Other Karaks locked the door after the war with the elves, and nothing says Zorn couldn’t have locked it in response to a war with the neighboring lizardmen or undead nehekharan.

What is mysterious is why they haven’t opened the damn thing up, and whether it’s true that Zorn is a dwarf hold carved out of a mountain filled with endless gold, etc.

You know, you made me remember that I’ve been toying with an idea of character-centered DLC packs for each hero. Something like, having a DLC map pack where you have to have a specific character in the party to play that map (the protagonist of the DLC) and the whole storyline of that map pack is centered around this character or the character’s backstory, etc. Something like a Markus DLC where you help out survivors of his regiment, or Kerillian DLC where more of her past is revealed, etc.


Thats a bloody good idea!
Can be a smaller mission, that serves as a prologue for every hero! Or maybe not a prologue but just a story expansion centered on a specific character.

Ye, I was thinking like a story expansion centered on a specific character.

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And idea I thought of pre-release, when they first talked about Deeds, was character-centered solo maps. No (or almost no) enemies, use existing maps and have the characters walk through. There can be dialogue (thoughts, talking to themselves) as you go through the maps, with notes and things to find and interact with, telling a story that relates to the character.

Kruber going through Against the Grain - his own family died in a farm much like it outside Ubersreik.

Saltzpyre in Righteous Stand making his way to the Temple of Sigmar, following the notes of the last defenders.

Kerillian in Athel Yenlui, ruminating on the split of her people.

Bardin going Into the Nest and finding the last testaments of Karak Gnol.

Sienna on Empire in Flames, going through the burnt-out remains of Ussingen.

I would write these myself. Hell, some of the short stories I wrote were based on these ideas. :smiley:


See, the problem with finding something thats lost is that you don’t know where it is :stuck_out_tongue:


Ain’t that the truth, lol

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Kerillian has hinted that she knows the general location and went there a long a time ago. She could just be teasing him. But we really have no idea how old she is, elves can live for 8,000 years or so. Considering she was a way watcher, one of the most elite of the elite of the wood elves, she’s probably pretty old. Her cousin is the current ruler of the wood elves and has been around for a while as well. She also speaks about the split between the high elves and wood elves as if she experienced it. So who knows…


Does she? Has she? Almost all of her dialogue implies she’s been in Athel Loren all her life. Other than her recent trip to Ubersreik, the furthest she’s said she’s been is Parravon, which is a Bretonnian dukedom next to Athel Loren. Met Drachenfels there, though, so that must’ve been… a real long time ago… one sec…

Constant Drachenfels marched on Parravon in 1854 (because Constant Drachenfels was defeated by Oswald in 2480 and Genevieve remembers that she was born 638 years earlier and that she was 12 years old when Drachenfels marched upon Parravon)
The end times started at around 2520.

This means that Kerillian was at least of adult age 666 years ago.


Bardin probably pi$$ed right up. I got on a train once to Southampton Central station and woke up in Cardiff. These things happen when you’ve had a few.


Seems a bit “un-wood-elfy” to me. I thought most of them don’t even move outside of their woods their entire life?

Where did you got the info that she is a cousin of Orion? (If you mean him)?
And have you any plans on what she saw in the woods, that she shouldn’t have?

Sorry, not Orion. Araloth is her cousin who she speaks about. And the wood elves had/have an outpost in the forest of the south near the legendary hold. It’s also mentioned their great tree has roots all over the world.

And yea, she’s teases Bardin for being a stupid dwarf and says she’s been to the hold a very long time ago. She asks him how he could forget the location. Bardin naturally gets very very upset.

Araloth is the lord of Talsyn, not of the wood elves as a whole. That role would fall on Orion and Ariel.

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