A collection of (many) different bugs

A big thread to showcase different bugs in the game and videos to show them.

Note that this is all from before 3.4
The bugs/issues mentioned here are (afaik) not mentioned in the patch notes.

Enemies spawning close to players
This is fairly rare, but happens often enough that plenty people are aware of it

Some examples of gas being invisible or disappearing on impact
It’s rare bug which I don’t know how to replicate.

In rare occasion, inappropriate music plays

A collection of one-off bugs

Chaos spawn disappeared and re-appeared after a few seconds, never seen this before.

Enemies were walking on air on a destroyed part of the bridge at The Pit end-event.

Assassin displacement thingy that happened at the end of a ledge, can probably be replicated fairly easily

Stormfiend pathing in Enchanter’s Lair is so bad it actually got me & friends softlocked once because it never showed up.

Enemy stagger got cancelled here and I assume it’s because of the uneven ground.
Can probably be replicated consistently but is extremely rare in actual gameplay.

Holding Slayer ability creates this blinking effect and I absolutely cannot stand it (maybe not a bug?)

Stormvermin seemingly jumps up twice

Barrel explosion happened twice, the first happened as I picked it up the moment the elf hit it

Deathrattler shooting through cover in Skittergate

Zealot dash got stopped immediately when I tried to use it, I don’t know how that happened.

Vertical displacement, seems to only happen as client and when enemies climb/jump over something. Also seems to be different for every spot in every map?

Chaos warrior AI froze after stomping downed player and hitting a helping player.
Not the first time I’ve seen this.

Dwarf voice line for ammo played as slayer when giving potion to GK

This particular ladder always gives me trouble playing as dwarf

Voice line was completely silent until the last word, maybe it’s another player got closer then

A hookrat sinks into the floor in a corner

Mauler flies up after getting staggered next to ledge

Healing draught and Med supplies green light suddenly becomes broken in the Skittergate cave

Bardin’s hammer gains a will of its own, some weird animation going on

A beastmen patrol stopped moving and froze in place until they got pulled

Pulled a patrol that didn’t make the marching sound that patrols usually do

A bug where the melee weapon doesn’t charge and disappears while holding LMB.
It’s very prone to happen with weapons that utilize both heavy and light swings.

Got backstabbed here by something I couldn’t see, maybe a displaced enemy?

Bestigor trying to charge me and freezes in place. I’m assuming it’s because of the environment/pathing.

Bounty hunter’s double shot ability got blocked?

Silent backstabs seem to be pretty common, though not for me. Here’s just 1 example.

A horde of slaverats that were just standing still

A shielded stormvermin disappeared after engaging it, somehow

Distant roaming enemies despawning/disappearing

Places to get stuck in certain maps
A corner in Old Haunts

The gate at the end of War Camp

Gate at the end of Blightreaper

Ratling spawn at the end-event in Engines of War
Ratlings seems to have a tendency to spawn in close to players and in their direct line of sight.
This one is very common and easy to replicate, may as well flip a coin.

Hit registration with elf bow
Sometimes arrows just go through and don’t hit enemies, I’ve only encountered this with elf bows

Hordes visibly spawning in
Fairly rare, just a bug in the sense it’s immersion breaking

2 videos showcasing 1 ledge at skittergate

Missing ledge grab at this part of Into The Nest, dwarf fell off immediately without grabbing ledge

Weird bug where I saw distant enemies flicker(?) as they spawned in

Two instances of bots just standing completely still and dying because of it

This bot stands still at the door entrance and dies standing still in gas

Sliding enemies
This happens frequently and I don’t know for sure what causes it.


Sliding enemies are the worse, sometimes they get like inside you or past you and still hit you.
And AI is pretty dumb imo, both for bots and enemies. Bots go after chasing a distant rattling gunner to melee him to dead instead of shooting and sometimes they die in the process, or they stand in gas for no reason (Unchained tends to sit in the gas and vent, so she gets slowed down and keeps taking dmg). Also, I can’t stress enough the amount of times that my bots pulled patrols in cataclysm, it is so annoying. And regarding the enemies AI, the most annoying thing is the path they take, specially the monsters, but some specials like pack masters and assassins have annoying pathing too.
Not trying to hate, I love the game, but sometimes it really can get on my nerves when I die due to something out of my control.

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