Giant list of bugs i have experienced and others have experienced in my games, these are not new patch related and most of them have been around for years

-Silent specials.

-Silent blightstormers when casting a storm, the vortex is silent when moving too.

-Silent leeches and silent stormers when they are teleporting around / near a player, the grabbing sound from the leech is also silent.

-Silent assassins.

-Leeches that teleport inside your body, sometimes its silent too.

-Assassins that dont jump onto a player but instead just appear on a player instantly disabling them and dealing damage.

-Facespawning specials, bosses and patrols.

-Silent enemies that spawn around a player and instantly attack them without warning.

-Patrols that are silent or dont make any sounds until they’re right on top of you, at which point they’ve already spotted you and start attacking you.

-Silent hordes from behind, this constantly happens almost every single horde.

-Bosses dont make a roaring sound when they spawn in and the boss switching aggro sound rarely plays.

-No whoosh sound, im lucky if it plays 10% of the time. I’ve lost count of how many times i turn around only to see half a horde behind me with no indication that its there but its not just hordes, its all enemy types.

-Sword+mace has broken animations on merc at 40/50% attack speed, you can see the tip of the sword in the top left of the screen and it makes no sense that its there and in the middle of my screen hitting an enemy.

Bretonnian longsword with its shield has ghost hits on its lunge push stab and heavy lunge attacks.

Bretonnian longsword has ghost hits.

-Bots falling off levels in certain points in the game that should be dead but instead need to bleed out to die which causes problems in games because you’re now down a bot or two. I’ve even seen this happen to 3 bots at once.

-Bots getting stuck on the majority of ladders in the game.

-Bots stealing ammo from players when they dont need it. Please reverse this ammo change its beyond stupid and causes too many problems.

-Bots running off the side of cliffs when they see any gunner/flamerat.

-Bots running after specials to kill them with melee when they have range ammo or infinite ammo from a staff which can kill them at range.

-Bots running in front of players when they are shooting enemies at range. I understand bots are running in front of players to protect them from enemies but when there are no enemies in front of players why is this bot behaviour even here?

-Players spawning at dodgy locations: Grain, nest, engines, empire and righteous stand just to name some of them. Players will spawn before points of no return after you have dropped down from them, they will spawn past boss walls, they will spawn behind or they will spawn 2 or more spawn points away…

-If you jump down from a location and get hooked at the same time there is a high chance you are going to end up falling through the floor/level and instantly dying from it or they will drag you out of bounds.

Thats all i can think of for now.


I honestly almost cant use sniping weapons anymore because of this, feels like anytime i try to aim down something as my group moves around an enemy will pop out from a box we already passed and stab me.

And i cant even dodge it or switch weapons&block it because there is no warning, and it sucks especially bad when it´s something like a shirtless rotblood raider coming in with his axe for a big swing.

I cant comprehend how those can be sneaky.


I’m surprised at the amount of stuff you mentioned being also present in my games. I was guessing it’s going to be “some” things that are true for both of us, but not literally 90%+.

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