2 years and the same bugs are still present

So 2 years has passed since the release of VT2 and yet the same bugs still show up again and again. I dont understand this. it is beyond my comprehension why they have yet to be fixed when I know that they have been reported ad nauseam since the release. No since the beta.
I will yet again report these issues since they seem to get lost.

1: Assasins still show up out of nowhere with no sound or animation of entry. we have testet this more times than i can remember. Ie: they spawn on the player! FUN

2: Hook rats also show up with no sound and sound that directs the attention to the wrong way. ie. it sounds like its coming from infront but really it’s behind you. No headset is not on wrong. this has been reported many times before.

3: Enemies disapearing in front of your eyes only to reappear moments later when youve passed them. Nice way to get hit in the back.

4: Monsters deciding to quit mid fight and just die or disappear.

5: Beastmen spawning directly behind, in front, next to or in you.

6: Non stop horde music.

7: Phantom swings… still…

Screenshots have been presented on many occasions before. shouldn’t be necessary. It doesnt happend every game but it happends regularly enough that im reporting it yet again.

Please include as much information as possible in the description of your issue and include:

  • Steps to reproduce the issue
  • How consistently the issue occurs for you
  • Screenshots and/or video evidence

If reporting a crash, please do so within the ‘Technical Support’ sub-category and include the crash report produced.

  1. Nah didn’t had that since wom
  2. happens one per 200 games
  3. never happened to me and didnt see anyone reporting it
  4. they often just are pushed into deathzone that is close to some structures, laggy host most of times is issue
  5. after fixes didnt had that one time
  6. more often there is no music than non stop music
    7 where?

Screenshots werent presented on most occassions only that happened to me no info further


What made you think this was a discussion on weather or not you agree on what I’m experiencing? It’s not a discussion. It’s a bug report.

Its not bug report, its “fix it naow reee” without any info. I don’t see any report about this so how is this report?

I´ve not had any problems with hookrats in ages but silent assassins or 1 second warning pre-pounce still does occur for me.

Nr 3 i had happen today, nr 4…i recall seeing it but not when and nr 5 applies to all enemies and mainly during hordes.

Had an entire wave spawn next to my group on the bridge in the warlords nest.

Nonstop music? Havent had it in a while and phantom swings as in “i hit him but it did not register” only seems to occur when i join a laggy lobby which makes it hard to tell if it´s the oldschool "even with 0 lag the hits do not register bug " being the culprit or if it´s just the lag.

Leaving this here just to compare and let the big fishes know.

It’s a report because I just reported it. neither of the bugs need specifics since they are not new bugs. FS should know about them since they have been reported many times before. If they don’t know about it there are no line of communication between the forum and the devs. I am reporting that the issues still exist.


I almost always create the loobies and i’m on a 100/100 line so at least for me it shouldn’t be lag. Not saying it’s not just saying i dont think so.

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All of them needs specific half of those would be great if you give them logs of specific game that it occured

I’ve had all of these in various forms.

Just yesterday I saw enemies disappear, and one rat spawn on top of my friend (he was hosting).

Also been seeing a lot more Gutter Runners/Packmasters without sound, and or spawning extremely close. This only started recently. Not sure if something has gone wrong in a recent patch.

When the enemies disappear they sort of float into the air and then vanish.

There’s also an issue that has gone unmentioned, which is, when some enemies spawn they fly towards or away from host really quickly to the point they’re supposed to be coming from.

Another issue is host aggro in general. I tell people to aim for me if Gutter Runners spawn when I’m host because they tunnel me, to the point where I can hide and they’ll roll about inside our team until I come into their LoS.

Enemies also still spawn extremely close in some Hordes, sometimes out of rooms you literally just walked out from, and sometimes right in front of you in a big bunch.


No wonder nothing gets fixed with all of these shills.

The number of bugs in this game is astounding, there is not defending that. I legitimately cannot even think of a single interaction in this game, that doesn’t have one bug or another connected to it, it’s absolutely absurd.


I have the same experience.

Anyway the biggest problem, to me, is the enemies that spawn on you (not only Beastmen) and the backstabs without sound.

Yeah there are bugs most are rare and don’t hurt my playing experience often… but that non-stop horde music does get on my nerves.

Never had a single bug by breaking a door.

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