Bugs from VT2 in VT1 now! Might be something bigger?

I don’t know if any help or relevent, but I’ve recently started VT1 again since 2 is so unstable- I have put those bug reports up… BUT today, after a week of playing, I’m finding a lot of the same issues coming to VT1 now-
Backstab audio failiure completely- sometimes get a clear one, mostly nothing just start getting stabbed.
Block failiure- block either choosing when it decides to be block and not just a graphic of blocking. Blocking whilst rescuing a player not working sometimes- getting stabbed continually whilst trying to pat em on the back.
Enemies appearing out of nowhere.
Enemies fighting from clipped points inside the map making them invisible and untouchable but yay they can kill you.
Phantom stabs!!!
These weren’t happening at the beginning of the week. On Nightmare and below it’s hardly noticable. But on cata… I did today’s contract DEAF! All audio failed at one point. And it’s not my system, all works with everything else.
I’m mentioning this in the VT2 forum because it’s a lot of the same bugs… which makes me wonder if indeed it’s on FS or something Windows is playing at or something… to affect early Vermintide too, it just seems crazy. And all week I’ve been on 1 and it’s been fine… glorious. Only a few minor bugs we all got used to before its production ended.

Play cata contract on wheat and chaff. Elf with sword and dagger. I was host so no ping issue.

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