Returning bugs

Played 2 games today and is was an absolute buggy mess.

-Silent specials are baaaaack!
-Leeches STILL grabbing players as soon as they spawn and making NO teleport sound
-Leeches only grab Sienna bot when you’re playing with all bots (no joke she was grabbed all 14 times)
-Packmasters still spawning in the middle of a horde
-Enemies spawning directly behind player already in attack mode with no possible entry way (just spawning directly behind players)
-Ironbreaker Bardin STILL uses his ultimate when a player/bot gets grabbed by a Leech or pounced by an assassin. Literally does nothing but annoy and frustrates everyone.

And the biggest returning bug that I haven’t seen since April of last year:
-Bots not being able to enter the Skittergate for boss fight.

Maybe revert whatever tf you did that brought back these bugs.

Bug fixes > Balance changes

EDIT: there are a LOT of talents not working. Half of Footknight’s talents are not working and elf’s group regen is not working.

THP talents do not work as client.

Seriously guys, this is one hell of a broken piece of :poop:


Can confirm I have turned around in thresholds to see slave rats or specials spawning directly on me (as in I saw them in a static/T-pose before their AI scripts loaded).

Silent specials may be worse now than before the B.B.B. in my experience.


Actually happened to me last night!

My friend and I heard the assassin audio cue for once… He was looking one way, I was looking the other way. Wouldn’t you know it but the moment my friend looks up, he sees an assassin falling down the sky and lands on top of me!

How are we supposed to dodge assassins if they just land on you instead of their normal skittering around animations?

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IB will shake assassin with his Ult. Could be really useful, when pinned hero surrounded by horde, and cannot be quickly reached by normal means.

Considering leeches — all shout ults used to not be able to stagger them, resulting in bots just wasting their ults when seeing one. “Uuh, scary “any special” is close, I better scream, just in case!”. But lately, I think I saw Merc bot staggering leech with his ult a few times. Maybe it were due to stagger threshold nerfs, cause it was somewhere between and 2.0.5, and I didn’t saw it after that.

It doesn’t work when the IB bot uses it. Not with assassins, hookrats, or leeches.

It does work, with all of them, actually (leeches too, to my surprise). Just tested, in case something was changed, all three tests freed captured bot. Cata. So, IB (and, I suspect, Merc+WHC) ult stuns leeches now, huh?


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Indeed. IB shout will knock back specials. I’ve used it a few times in Cata just last night to free team mates.

There is a bug with shouts though where they do nothing under certain circumstances. I’m gonna make a bug report in a bit.

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Whoa, chill down, lady — I never insulted you %-)

I’m sorry for misinterpreting your words, okay?

Tested it out with IB bot. Strangely enough now he’s too shy to use his ult just for a lonely old pack rat. So I had to add a few SV to make sure he ults. He ulted me out of packmaster grab no problemo, then.

Here’s a video file (around 8 mb) link.


Once again, strong and wrong. If you’re going to have such a strong opinion, you could at least test things first. IB ULT has been able to knock off hook rats for ages, regardless of bot or player. I want to say it’s done it since release, but I’m not 100% sure. Just tested and it does indeed knock back other specials as well. Either way, take it down a notch. No need to be so rude.

As i said before, there is currently an issue with “shout” ULTs. Where they stop working under certain conditions. That is most likely what you were experiencing.