Leech issues

Normally, I do not have a problem with leeches but I feel like the developers should take a look at them as they have been exhibiting strange behaviors recently.

1.) Leeches will sometimes spawn completely silent OR their teleport sound is overshadowed by other sounds in the game. This is NOT a huge deal but can be a game breaker when you’re the last hero standing and cannot hear them.

2.) Leeches will grab players the second they spawn on a map with no warning or teleport sound giving players no time to react. Doesn’t always happen but is annoying when it does occur. Players should at least have 1 second minimum to react.

3.) Leeches will sometimes spawn on the map completely static and not do anything at all or acknowledge players on the map. In other words, they spawn and will not make any sound or grab players. This also happens with hookrats, assassins, and ratling gunners.

4.) Leeches will still grab players even when a player successfully dodges the grab if the leech is more than 5m away from the player being targeted. They seem to be undodgeable when they are further away for some odd reason. I had dodged one on cata Against the Grain during a super intense clutch, completely missed the green smoke, and yet it still picked me up ending the game. I’ve actually seen this happen in a few streams as well. It doesn’t matter how well you dodge a leech, if he is super far away, he will always grab the player.

They are usually really easy to counter but I feel like their audio cues and targeting need to be tweaked a little bit for a better gaming experience since sometimes it feels like the leeches are not working properly.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post :heart:

  1. its more problem that ults and gatling just overshadows every sound
  2. never had that problem on beta they instantly started casting and it was great
  3. its more of map problem like in into the nest second grim they can spawn there and they will do nothing
  4. what? No, never happened to me, they are one of easiest thing to dodge, maybe you had super high ping ? And you can’t dodge right into smoke ;p

I was host. In the few streams where I saw this happen, the streamer was the host as well.

I don’t understand this comment. I didn’t say I dodge into the smoke but dodge before it was expelled from the leech. This has been happening fairly recently.

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