3 patches after "release" later, why has the leech STILL not been adjusted?

Spam teleports with no cooldown, massive HP pool, can’t be staggered or pushed by melee, appears out of nowhere with little to no sound before range “grabbing” you from miles away often through objects…

It has to stop.

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Leeches have very distinct audio queues so you always know theyre coming , their grabs are A LOT slower then they used to be - at this point in time the only real problem with them is the unavoidable damage they give you when teleporting right ontop/next to you -_-


For me their speech audio queues rarely play, but thankfully I can always hear the teleport. They give up on what they are doing to retreat when they take any damage, the only big issue I’m having is the unavoidable damage.

Which, in fact, would have really helped when getting grabbed through an obstacle.

One thing I have learned in VT 2: Walls are merely suggestions to enemies rather than a real hurdle. Ratlings have places, specially on Halescourge, where they will hail you through roofs, impossible for you to attack them. Same holds true to leeches, they sometimes grab you through obstructions and from RIDICILOUS distances. Oh, and could we PLEASE get rid of their unavoidable teleport damage? ^^


This is probably my biggest complaint about them. They don’t appear to need LoS to cast the whirl wind and it can be cast from across the map. Most times we just push on until he teleports again but there are certain times where it can literally wipe the group with no way to avoid it.

Really fun when they teleport inside of you, you take damage, then you can’t even dodge them because whenever dircetion you dodge it’s in a straight line away from them and they still hit you. If you notice they are sitting on you instead of any side, a quick shot can discourage them, but it’s a gamble.
Also, the audio queues (barring the teleport) don’t play if they spawn and immediately snap into action.
Long story short, yes, they need fixing. It’s more level geometry and maybe the teleport damage than anything else.

1, “massive hp pool”- I can shoot it every time with longbow, it takes 2 quickshots, no need to zoom either
2, The audio clues are mosly working, except if the game decides to throw every existing special at your group at the same time, and 1-2 hordes, but this issue was already posted several times, im sure it will be fixed soon. Also using a headset can really help against specs, and at game startup it asked you to set the sound channels, with descriptions, for the same reason.
3, The main problem with the leech is the unavoidable teleport damage which is to put it simple ret@rded, but its projectile can be dodged (you hear where it teleported, you can kill it with 2 shots or if you are late just dodge sideways), but i agree, that it is able to drain you through objects is still a bug, tho never happened to me.
4, Spawning locations are still not fixed, and not just specials can spawn ontop of you (but this is also rare)

Fake walls are a problem, not just with Leeches but gunners too, especially on Into the Nest.

As mentioned several times already, the main problem is the insta-damage from teleporting on top of you, despite how quickly you may hit it to cancel its grab.

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The main problem with the Leeches as of now, in my opinion, is how they deal damage to you by simply teleporting to near your location. That is some bullshit, right there.

However, I also have a problem that I haven’t seen anyone else mention; the audio for the Leech’s teleport does not come from the right direction. For example, I might hear it on the right when it’s behind me, or behind me when it’s left of me; I haven’t noticed a consistent pattern… All I know is that the sound always comes from the wrong direction, and that the Leeches are the only enemy that have this issue with displaced positional audio.

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