Fatty Fatty Boombalaties (Chaos Mages)

Okay, so, Leeches themselves are kind of annoying, cause most times they don’t get the typical ‘call outs’ like other specials get, at least not reliably, and due to them instantly teleporting all over it feels kinda…cheap…when one grabs you, but it’s easy enough to deal with if your ‘paired up’ however they are still a ‘cheap’ enemy as they just blink away near instantly on taking damage, no telegraph for it or anything, and it’s got a huge distance cover one it, perhaps make it so that they make loud sounds when teleporting, like thunder claps or something to give people a heads up that one just appeared near them since call outs are unreliable.

Now onto Blight Stormers. Oh my f***ing god, who thought these were a good idea. "Hey lets give an enemy heavy cc, in a large area, that can move after showing up. Lets also give them the ability to teleport away without any penalty should they teleport away (the storm doesn’t stop unless they die or cast a new one). Oh, and they can do so from outside the map area, and walk to be behind cover and not need line of site to anything to be jaggofs. Who thought this was a good idea. Seriously 99/100 times they are outside the ‘player’ areas casting, and 9/10 times for those they are almost entirely behind cover, to where you have to ‘wing’ them to get them to, hopefully, teleport to some place you can actually get a clear hit on them.

And don’t get me started on the boss, that punishes melee, darn near requiring ranged combat to be used, despite the notably limited ammo counts that the players get outside of the mage

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My only problem with blighstorms is that they can attack from places where you cant reach them, aside from that they are ok, you an see from where they are casting and once you mark them they can teleport all they want and you still see them …

Leeches and gutters are my long time problem, they are not the good old hunter or cloakers, they just appear out of nowhere and stun you, once they appear they are simple and their AI is maybe even bugged because they do nothing after that but they can simply teleport onto you even if you are surrounded by other players (meaning they are blocking the path, they simply teleport through them and CC you) … its just bad design …

My personal opinion :heart:

I still think the Vortex Spells should, like in TT and TW WH, have randomized directions instead of the current target-seeking

You know that level in which you pull a cart full of TNT to blow up a bunch of trolls? The one with a lot of small tunnels. Hunger in the Dark I think it’s called.
I’ve had blighstormers call storms to us in the middle of a tunnel, without any kind of line of sight and without any possible clue to us about his location.
And please do not get me started on their OP teleport after casting and go out of bounds.
I’m amazed that these enemies still behave like this after the immense amount of feedback during the beta phases. No changes and no comments from Fatshark about this.
I made a lengthy post about this some days ago, but it’s inaccessible to us (If anyone from Fatshark reads this, here is the link)
@TheGuardianOfMetal I actually find the obvious NPC behavior of the storms rather funny. My problem is mainly with the casters, not the storms themselves.
@Mizque that boss has a lot of HP and powerful attacks. I love that level’s design, the crumbling city and all, but I loathe the boss fight. I much prefer fighting the Chaos Lord on the Skaven Warlord.

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yeah u see a tiny Little blue spot somewhere at the other end of the map…

I’m the same way, I FINALLY beat that fat bastard yesterday for the first time on veteran. His big problem is he lacks proper telegraphs for a number of attacks. Has CC that hits the ENTIRE ARENA (the tornado he can drop) moves to places you HAVE to use ranged weapons to damage him in while summoning fairly sizable hordes, teleports without any indication he’s going to do so, has huge knock backs like the Other bosses (that lacks a telegraph so you can dodge it) and his attacks pass through barriers in the arena (the 'slime hims he launches pass through walls and pillars unimpeded) It makes for a very counter intuitive boss fight, as the only way to get ‘good’ at it, is to do it, over, and over, and over, again, where as other bosses, you can go in blind and they give you ‘feed back’ for what you should react too, and HOW you should react. Feels fluid, like the skills you’ve learned and honed upto that point mater in the fight.

Then there’s Fatty, where your skills, your practice, your learning of the game doesn’t mater.

I dont have any real problems with Leeches or Blightstormers in general, they can be annoying, but just as any other special coming in the wrong moment, and as a Nurgle follower I just love their design <3

However, when a Leech teleport on you (and there is nothing to prevent this since its just instant bad luck), the player shouldn’t take contact dmg. I got killed a few times by this “bug” because it can also interrupt a charged attack :c

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I love their voices. In fact, it was much better in the beta, because they would spawn more frequently and all of them (Leches and Stormers) shared the same lines (The Rot Father calls you…)
Leeches are OK for me. They are easy to kill and the need to be close to their target to damage them, allowing for the team to easily defeat them.
Stormers, however, tend to cheat by casting from areas the player cannot reach and directly teleporting outside of the playing area.

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