Blight Stormer Balance

A few issues that have been around for a long time on blight stormers:

  • Size changing rate - Blight storms have always shrunk and grown to move around. The rate at which they do this is really fast so a tiny storm can become absolutely massive in a couple seconds. There is no way to avoid this if you’re near unless you dash away. It’ll be the size of a kiddy pool and grow to the size of Jupiter in a couple seconds.

  • Infinite casting distance - They’ll cast blight storms from the moon and they’re so far away you can’t even ping them.

  • Casting through objects - They’ll cast a storm through walls or objects and yet the player frequently can’t shoot through these things.

  • Teleporting to unreachable/unseeable locations - They have a tendency to teleport outside of the map and places you can’t reach or see. So once they cast a storm and abuse things like their distance or ability to cast through objects, they may teleport to an unreachable location.

I’ve never liked blight stormers because of how frequently they offer no counter-play through frustratingly broken behaviors. They’re the only special in the game that will frequently offer no real counter-play to their existence. Eventually they may do something like teleport really close to a player, but often times they’ll skirt around the map casting from absurd distances and/or through things. Or they’ll poke their beady little head over a wall and cast, so if you have the weapon for it you have to try and snipe an ant off a blade of grass from here to Hong Kong.

It would be really nice if their behaviors were checked and adjusted so they can’t be so abusive and obnoxious. Punishing players for failing to kill them is one thing, but punishing players because the Blight Stormers work under such absurd rules or lack-of is another thing. Obviously they should be a threat, but the way they function should be more reasonable.


Yeah blightstormers are easily one of the most broken mobs in this game.

FS should at least limit their casting range to 50 meters or so, and if they go out of range or break line of sight the storm should stop almost instantly.

Blightstormers are definitely BS (I see wat you… nevermind).

IMO it would be easiest to fix them simply by making the storm dissipate if they ever lose line of sight to it. Then at least when they teleport to a foreign country they aren’t a threat until they get back.

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