Leech: bug or feature?

//insert WTF is this gif

sorry i don’t get what’s so special about this picture, looks like the leech shot at you and grabbed you? seems normal.

I’d have to agree. I see nothing strange in this picture?

looks like the dorf is fully dead tho, based on his portrait, rofl.

i think leech is draining him from a huge distance(dealing damage), and that is not a feature for sure.

oh ok it wasn’t clearly stated. i thought he was still getting sucked in slowly

That distance is perfectly normal for a Leech though. It’s at the very end of the reach of them, sure, but it’s definitely still within its reach.

As to him being dead-dead, that would likely be because of the rats hitting him at the same time.

I’m not sure, that’s just my guess.

To sum it up i got hit after a dodge from that ridicolous distance as you can see on the screenshot, then it didnt pull me in, just left me in the middle of the horde

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The distance is fine. They have that amount of distance normally, though they rarely need to use it all.
Watch one of them miss sometime and see how far the beam travels. it’s quite a ways.

The reason you weren’t pulled in is most likely because there were rats in the path between you and the leech.

The reason you were caught during the dodge is probably either:

  1. You mistimed the dodge (probably due to distance)
  2. You dodged into either the rat on the left or the wall on the right, as you are inbetween those in the picture, thus not getting any distance in the dodge, resulting in a grab. (happens to me all the time with packmasters)

In essence, there is nothing strange about this particular incident.

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