Bardin can't dodge leeches

Is it me or does he seriously struggle with this? I went testing and he failed to dodge a ton of leeches that any other character would have easily dodged. I can’t really pinpoint a fail condition but even with high dodge count/range weapons out and a reasonable distance, he still gets leeched. Other characters with low dodge count/range weapons had more success with this even when closer up, even with dodges that are no longer effective (up to -1), even with dodge jumping immediately, even dodging straight backwards from them, why is this?

console-2020-11-21-06.39.23-b118b2b4-a46e-4bc0-9d6d-73cc99b15197.log (1.6 MB)

A couple of questions.

1.) Were you playing as client?

2.) If you answered yes above, how high was your ping.

3.) If this was on Legend/Cata, specials have a higher chance of spawning double. Leeches are prone to stacking inside of each other but their grabs are not synchronized. Meaning, you can dodge the 1 leech you see BUT the other leech that you cannot see that’s inside of the 1st leech will grab you.

The first 2 is because of latency issues. I play client 99% of the time, I still get disabled even with dodging successfully.

Trust me, all 3 have happened to me and all 3 suck.

1.) No, they happened when I was testing as host/solo.
2.) They also happen as client, normally don’t play above 120 ping, but this issue deters me from playing bardin at all.
3.) I clip these things and it’s never because there are multiple. Even when there are, the timing isn’t very strict to be able to dodge multiple with a single dodge as the other characters.

That is strange indeed.

If you were able to record a video of it, maybe a dev can see what’s going on. Do you still have your console logs for these games where you still got leeched after dodging?

You can edit your original post and upload them.

Console log attached in OP if that helps.

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