Irritating Special Enemy mechanics [UPDATED]

-Packmasters grabbing players while they are inside a Blightstormer’s tornado (happened to me twice)
-Packmasters grabbing players through walls
-Blightstormers not having line of sight of players to cast storm and are unkillable due to being off the map
-Poison Globadiers not having line of sight of players and throwing globes so perfectly from far distances/behind walls (do the poison globes have a homing device???)
-Double Leech spawns inside of each other (you kill one then get grabbed a second later)
-Plague monks are still completely silent until they attack

and of course my favorite one of them all:
-Assassin rat pounce speed is inconsistent. He’s either so fast you get pounced instantly or so slow you’re able to kill him before he pounces. What irritates me the most is the assassin rat could be at the other end of the map, you see him but his pounce is so fast (less than a millisecond) that you have no time to react even though you should have because he was so far away in the first place.

Other annoying assassin rat behavior:
1.) can’t tell when they’re about to pounce (they don’t always do their running animation)
2.) can’t tell who will be pounced (they can make 180 degree turns mid-air) - How is that possible?
3.) can still get pounced and take damage even when you kill the assassin
4.) pushing the assassin doesn’t always register in game therefore not an effective way to prevent being pounced
5.) assassins just hanging out behind a player not moving (this one eludes me)
6.) assassins going through walls and pouncing on players (really??)

Can we please have specials that have adequate line of sight of players, consistent animations, and sound priority?

Do not nerf the specials but make fighting them to be fair.

TL;DR At least just fix the plague monks. Too many times I get killed instantly because they don’t make any sounds until they attack. They are berserkers so they should be making noises when they are running frantically towards a player. I can deal with the assassins being unfair jerks but the plague monks need to be fixed.

Please comment any other unusual and irritating special enemy behaviors that I have forgotten to mention.

EDIT (12/20/2018):

A.) Sometimes assassin rats will ignore Sienna’s staff attacks and pounce on her even though she was hitting him dead on. The assassin rat getting hit with fire doesn’t do the traditional backflip and will just pounce right through the fire. Has happened with bolt staff, single shot on Conflag, single shot on Fireball, and charged Flamestorm staves. This has only happened to me a few times and I’ve seen it happen to others. It’s quite rare but still frustrating. I’m assuming it had something to do with lag spikes because when this happens, it’s usually during a horde or ambush.

B.) Leeches not making teleport sounds since last patch and are able to grab players while they are stuck in the Blightstormer’s tornado. Even though the player was removed from the tornado by the Leech, the player continually takes damage from the storm AND the Leech causing them to instantly die within seconds of being grabbed even at full health.


The only thing, that is even worse than bugged special enemies is a stupid bot behavior, related with specials. They literally lose their mind when ratling gunners appearing on the map, and even ignore downed players.

Also, patrols still bugged as hell, i had a patrol literally spawned on my head on fort Brachsensomthing recently.


Very much agree about the Gutter Runner pounce speed, there are some big inconsistencies here. I’ve been hit by them basically teleporting enough times that it’s become an actual nuisance, and it seems to happen mostly right after they climb something. We’re talking instantaneous, from the moment his “pre-pounce” animation starts to him being on top of you, no frames in-between.

There’s also some more bugs to them (even though you mentioned a lot).

Often times they are looking in one direction, and then pounce sideways instead on something they weren’t looking at at all (not changing mid-air, just misleadingly looking in the wrong direction during the wind-up).

Their “backflip” animation when being damaged also sometimes stops abruptly and they go into a “pre-pounce” animation instantly halfway through the backflip, which is probably one of the most triggering ways to die. You can’t consistently play around these things, it’s just a coin toss if the assassin will do some bugged stuff or do what he’s supposed to do (and he’s problematic enough as is when working correctly).

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I just got pounced by an assassin that looked in the opposite direction( I was the only one alive)… No prepare animation, lightspeed, zero reactiontime… Ragequit for today at least…


Their behavior with specials in general is just stupid. They insist on trying to melee them and sprint away from the team instead of just pulling out their ranged weapon and shooting them.

  • Hookrat grabs player? Chase it down and melee it.
  • Gutter Runner tackles player? Run over and melee it.
  • Ratling Gunner or Globadier is across the map? Run over and melee it.

It’s really terrible.


Bot combat mod for the win! It really is a lifesaver.

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Best part for me is when you get pounced theres sometimes games with knowitall jerk buffoons that kick you because “YOU suck…terrible player. Can’t even dodge a runner.”


Bot improvements mod do not help with their mindless special-related behavior. I have this mod installed, an bots still do a stupid things like chasing the gunner or the packmaster with melee.


There is work being done to refactor some of the special behaviours as we recognise that there are some flaws.


Couldn’t agree more. Even so, it’s pretty hard to play solo when you are accustomed to having that ‘instant-gratification’ of a team of players. I recommend it to everyone but I can’t recommend QP more to anyone who wants an ally to gets it done!

@Fatshark_Hedge, awesome! Looking forward to it.


I wiped during Legend Skittergate last night because my teammate and I was instantly pounced by 2 assassins (no audio cues) and our Ironbreaker bot decides to use his ult, hold up his weapon for block, and stare at us while we’re being stabbed to death.

I guess he thought he was going to taunt the assassin rats to death???

Plot twist, he was taunting you to death.


That is one of their logic:
see special? ult. Thats why I bring Waystalker Kerilian bot because her ult has actually a chance to do something against the special.

Except it misses 90% of the time and Keri bot dies to every horde :woman_facepalming:

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