Do something with Assassin

Its not fair. I believe its broken. As almost anything in this game.

Million times i had assassin already pouncing someone when info sound for him only starting playing. You should tweak spawn points or add delay as to gas rat.

His jump speed is random. If he jumps from the fence/ground he can turn into FFFFFFFNG super sonic and catch you on 1/3 distance of your dodge. If he jumping on you from upper edge close to you, he will fly in slow-mo so you can grenade him if you want.

His “vanish” animation makes no sense. He jumps, misses, getting hit from grudge/blunderbuss, starts smoke bomb animation only to attack you from very same spot with delay of 0.2 sec again.


I’ve never had any issues with gutter runners? You can nearly always dodge them if you see them coming, and as soon as a character voices that there is one, I start dodging right and left until I spot it. I’ve never seen it jump from the same place it disappears from with it’s smoke bomb.

Hookrats are loud enough that you can always hear them coming now, even in the heat of battle. Haven’t had any issues with silent specials lately since they patched the bugged blightstormers.

The only thing that wipes me the majority of the time is dual gas rats with dual ratling gunners during a horde lol. If you’re in a closed off area, you’re pretty much screwed. The gas rats carpet bomb the entire area, and the ratling gunners pin you down. You’re surrounded by the horde and trying to get shots off on the guns, but your aim is messed up from damage XD

Even then though, I’ve had gutter runners during a horde and from what I’ve seen, they seem to get stuck in the horde unless they’re jumping from above you. And since it’s a horde, you’re team mates should be there to knock it off.

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I only get frustrated with Runners on the bigger maps. On Against the Grain where the rat jumps seventy feet across a field from on top of a hill in the distance and lands directly on you, it’s a bit annoying.

Just compare L4D’s Hunter and the runner and you’ll see why one is a rather well designed enemy and the other is not. It is still baffling to this day how you can literally copy a complete set of ideas from another game and strip them from anything that made them well designed and engaging to fight.


Good for you. However that it never happend for you doesnt mean it dont happens to others.

As I said earlier to Monkey, you bring useful to the table, or sh*t in other thread pls.

They attack you the moment they spawn so its a luck if you see them. And even then they can turn into super sonic and reach you mid dodge animation.

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I see these behaviours semi-regularly. Most common is spawning already pounced, spawning directly on top of someone pre-tackled, and spawning out of thin air a few feet away from someone. Usually not a huge deal but it’s eye-rollingly cheesy.


I feel like the majority of reports of wonky behavior would go out the window if they’d actually give us dedicated servers so that we could eliminate latency or desyncs as a possible cause of the behaviors.


I never said it didn’t… Just that I’ve never experienced it.

Oh meh bad, didn’t notice you were a mod?

Hmmm, I’ve never noticed that. Interesting, I’ll have to pay more attention. The only time gutter runners are a really a threat is when you’re the last one alive. Or unless 2 spawn and you’re only 2 alive lol.

I have seen ratling and flamethrower rats spawn directly in-front of me. Into the Nest map is really bad for spawns.

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I’d like to add another concern: More or less instantly follows a second jump if you dodged the first one.
I see that angry hissing furball coming, I dodge to the right, turn 90° to the left: whack, eat warp blades!

There should be a small stagger or something like this.

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There normally is it just bugs out sometimes like everything else.


Not even sold on this anymore tbh. There just seems to be something wrong with sounds and the way the AI-“director” handles spawns down to the very core. I mean, I have been hit by runners from half a mile away and gotten miniscule amounts of impact damage, while sometimes, they pounce you from literally one foot away and hit you for 2/3 of your total HP. Most of the time it works “intuitively” (I’d find the impact damage mechanic fine if the runner worked like the hunter, right now, it’s just a cheap shot of unavoidable damage), but too often I just sit there and wonder myself how anyone with a sound mind could have ever gotten the idea the gutter runner is properly designed. And I truly doubt the lore dictates that runners have to jitter around erratically all the damn time and that they have a 100 yard horizontal leap in a perfectly straight line which they can launch from a standstill.

Yeah, just like they normally play sounds and don’t spawn on top of you. :smiley:

That’s why I run hagbane bow xD Don’t even have to hit them, just hit near them and the poison mist will knock them back. Gives you enough time to close the distance and kill them with your melee. Same thing I do with ratling gunners and flamethrowers, the bow stuns them and stops their attack.

Oh no, dude, I’m completely with you on the AI director being screwed up on some fundamental level, I’m just saying that there’s absolutely a degree of latency fudgery that contributes to all of the jank in this game, and it’s hard to say what is broken because it’s broken, and what just breaks very consistently because of everpresent latency issues that can never be addressed without the introduction of the dedicated servers that were promised to us months ago.

As for the AI director, just yesterday we had a run on Fort Brachsenbrucke where the horde never stopped, start to finish, the entire level. We had three bosses spawn, one on one side of the river, then another on the other side of the river, then a third during the cannon near the end. We also had multiple instances of pairs of specials being spawned together. Two ratling gunners and two flamerats, all in a neat row. Two hookrats and a stormvermin patrol, all while the broken neverending horde was assailing us. Before yesterday I’d never seen the full extent to which the director can seemingly break.

Ping have no tie with game being beta still.
Try modded realm. Spawn hookrat and try to dodge it off cliff. Guess what? You got hooked mid air falling.

And things like slow-mo assassin, or FFFFFNG super sonic assassin has no tie to ping as well, as well as many of other bugs


Whatever’s going on with latency/lag and runners is bad enough that i got the challenge for pushing a gutter runner off a downed team mate by pushing one off of myself (pushed as it jumped me). Also managed to kill one with a splashed drakefire shot after it pounced on me.

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meanwhile i’m sitting around using teammates who can’t understand how to detect assassins as pounce lures so i can get the kill on them, rofl.

it’s even easier to do with packmasters, cos they grab the closest sucker, heh


Better yet: Draw the runner’s aggro, then kite them into your teammates for easy kills and even easier griefing!


oh you misunderstand, i’m not griefing, i want to kill them as efficiently as possible. there’s no time to tell your frontline dorf there’s a packmaster’s coming, when a horde is pressing against him, and sometimes to get a clean kill shot you need to let it latch onto someone sadly.

sidestepping an assassin’s pounce only to watch it stab your teammate behind you is always fun though! ehhehehe

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Now why would I EVER get a crazy idea like that…

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