Legend Assassins overpowered since 1.1

I thought it might just be me, but I see players who are far better than I get assassinated multiple times a map now on Legend. Before you usually had a good audio warning and some space to get a dodge going. But now they jump over geometry and across the map from an unseen location to wreck you, and often a gas rat will throw on you instantly while you’re down too. Assassins during hordes are especially brutal as if they give an audio warning at all it is even harder to hear than hookrats (oh and by the way, I’ve had times where a character gives an audio warning of a hookrat and the hookrat grabs me before the character even finishes the sentence, this is silly, pointless).

Assassins still mess up sometimes jumping into water or getting stuck on a corner or geometry, but I’m pretty confident now that the coordination code was improved along with Assassin behavior.

I want Assassins to be challenging and not a joke, but right now they feel as oppressive or more so than pre-nerf Gas Rats and Leeches and Gunners shooting through walls. If you’re not shoulder to shoulder when an Assassin spawn-pounces you you’re gonna die.


Aside from cheating here and there, I don’t think that assassins are any different after 1.1

Yea, I haven’t noticed a difference in their behavior. My only issue is that I still get an assassin, hook rat, gas rat and a horde at the same time. About halfway through the horde, 2 ratling gunners will spawn, or 2 more hook rats at the same time to mix in with the horde. And ofc, a patrol will usually spawn and start making it’s way towards us during all this as well.

no change in assassin behavior detected for me. still announces it’s spawn extremely loudly, so if you dont stop and be careful or reposition into a safer area to spot it, or disengage from heavy fighting to specifically listen for it and focus it, you’re gonna get taken down.

It’s pretty rare for an assassin to be sneaky, but i did get pounced a few times without a clue that he was even there(heard announcement when he was already on me).

But hookrats are the worst when in comes to silent spawning. That happened to me(and my mates) much more than i’d like. Most of the time i just don’t hear them when there is a horde, and they also like to spawn right benind the corner giving you very little time to react.


I don’t agree with the OP assessment at all. They’ve been completely fair, insomuch as they can be. If you’ve played the CBT, you’ll know what unfair, cheap gutter runners look like.

But for now, they’re fine. Just be mindful of when they jump over railings, because they can go into pounces instantly without any build up. Also, pushing them too much can reset their animations and let them pounce faster.