Assassin 100% bugged

This is not the first report on the assassin but since it doesn’t get fixed here’s one more.
I know this because I have reported it myself.

I decided to keep record on the frequency of the assassin and it’s bugs and they are as follows.
This is from the last 100 hours of playtime and the last entry is from 10 min ago.

Completely silent approach: 27 times

  • No cue that assassin is in the vicinity.

Spawn kill: 9

  • The assassin spawns ontop a player - No flying animation.

Unable to hit assassin with ranged weapon: 34

  • This is while it’s pounding a downed player.
  • This seems to be mostly on witch hunter with crossbow so it might be a bug with said weapon or char and not the assassin.

I mostly use BoP and it does sometimes seem that there is nothing under his cape - the bullets sometimes seemingly go right through.

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I have not had the “no cue” case in a long time personally but the “1 second warning pre attack” deal i do get, a lot.

As for not hitting them when they are ontop someone, i´ve had no issue so i cant say.

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I get those as well. more than anything else.
I have noticed the no announced assassin a few times here and there after the lunch of the game but over the past month it’s been constant. well not constant but ALOT

Adding to the assassin bug bag of “if only the game came on disc so i could crack it into a thousand pieces” is the rare occasion when the assassin is actually announced but never shows up… until like 10 min later when it launches from a different map through time, space, dimensions and awesome code into the host and yes it’s always the host.

Whenever I hear assassins i the vicinity I hide. As someone else wrote in a different bug report they can bee seen to completely disregard other players by running around in between them, trying to find a way to the host.

I believe you encountered buggy specials, as i do aswell and plenty do, but having proof is much better then just keeping stats. If you have shadowplay you could record the last 5 minutes if you don’t mind it. Or even just trying to Remember in which specific area an assassin hyperspeed you or your teammates.

Totally agree.

+1 for me.

Adding: Host aggression.

Just now. 9 assassins in less than 3-5 minutes all circumventing every other player but the host (me) 3 came at one all leaping at the same time from different angles. Once a rat was on top of me the other 2 rats stood still running in place. basically the same happen again 30s later and again 30s later

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