Various Assassin's Bugs

Today I’d like to report some bugs (or features?) of the most broken enemy in the game aka gutter runner aka assassin.

  1. When attacking players, they ignore slots and collisions and jump right through other enemies. It’s most likely a feature, but I think it shouldn’t exist.
  2. When attacking a close player from a height, they make a really slow leap. Possibly, another feature, but why does it even exist? It’s pointless.
  3. When attacking, they can have terrible aim and miss non-dodging players sometimes. I have no idea if it’s a bug, but it looks weird. Here are two examples:
    Dwarf’s not even dodging, just moving from side to side and an assassin misses him completely.
    Not even being aware of the fact that assassin’s going to attack me, I walk backward a little bit to avoid being surrounded and he still misses me.
  4. When climbing, they can just skip some part of process and just teleport wherever they need to. It’s 100% a bug and should be fixed. and
  5. This one is map related. During the final event at Horn of Magnus a gutter runner can jump from horn down to the elevator ignoring not yet broken floor. Other specials can do that as well, but assassin is the most eager to perform it and often gets stuck in a perpetual loop of these vicious jumps. Not in the video though, he dies pretty quick:
  6. Assassin can simply glide to a player. I think it happens if he starts his jumping animation and then something gets in between him and his target. Not sure though. It’s been in the game for so long it might be considered a feature. Here’s the video of true smooth criminal failing to kill zealot:

P.S. May I rant a bit?
Despite the fact that I report those, I don’t believe assassin’s behaviour can be fixed. This particular enemy is so broken that it might be better to rework it completely. Not just minor tweak, but a complete core rework.
Something like turning him into a backline harasser who throws shurikens into heroes’ backs instead of L4D hunter wannabe. It’s completely possible from lore perspective and, I think, creates a less broken special.
I’m sorry if it was rude and/or arrogant.
Thank you.

I honestly think the assassin would be alright to deal with IF it was not for it´s ability to jump through other enemies which utterly removes any real counterplay it has. While it doesnt drag you around as the packmaster does it is on the other hand much faster and more evasive.

Which is pretty deadly if you are playing melee against a horde and one of those pops in, jumps on you through 100 enemies and a boss and lets them then kill you from full health in 0.5 seconds.

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