Assassins are Broken (and No One cares)

I can’t honestly be the only one to think this, right? They have so many bugs and issues that can make them completely insane, unfair and unfun to deal with, and yet no one ever talks about it. They:

  • Still have the bug where they cancel smoke bomb and pounce straight after that
  • They sometimes completely skip animations, appearing to instantaneously teleport across a ledge or bridge
  • Half the time don’t even face you when pouncing on you
  • Even when you dodge, they instantaneously try and pounce on you again, often times with their back turned to you
  • Sometimes just pounce right into where you just dodged? Even though you dodged mid-pounce?
  • Can pounce when climbing onto the top of a spiky metal fence, or skip their landing animation after jumping over a fence and instantly pounce you (and yes, normally they do their landing animations just like any other enemy)
  • Can glide across maps completely silently, giving you no sound to react to, or any direction from where it’s coming, which really begs the question of how you’re supposed to be fine with that if it does manage to pounce on you like that
  • Sometimes just hyperdrive their way right on top of you, appearing as if to teleport right on your body
  • Have no attack delay after pouncing, meaning they keep pouncing and pouncing without calibrating their movements or turning to face you
  • If in melee, they can just roll through your body behind you, even if you’re attacking and staggering them from the front, then insta-pounce on you just like that
  • And lastly, they appear to have 2x the speed they actually should, sometimes have a death wish and just walk up to you and don’t appear to always try and keep their distance

Just look at these 2 mods:

Why are these mods not just simply integrated into the game? Enemy Teleport Fix is just a straight bug fix, and I’d argue Assassin Behaviour Tweaks are too, since I highly doubt assassins are meant to be like this.

Do I have any proof for any of the behaviours I just listed? No, I do not record my own footage, cause I run the game with an i3-3220 and 6gb of RAM. I play at >30 FPS with constant lagspikes, game freezes and stuttering, and uploading a 30m video can take be the entire day. But if you have any significant amount of hours into the game, then you know that at least some of the stuff that I listed happens, and the 2 mods I just provided aren’t fake that do nothing.

Please, assassins are a pain to deal with. It’s not about them being “too challenging”, it’s about them being literally bugged in more ways than one. Playing with the 2 mods above actually makes them feel good and proper, and no it doesn’t make them too weak.




I agree. Fighting them is wildly inconsistent due to all the weird animation bugs and skips.

Packmaster also has issues, even though it’s more predictable. E.g. the torso doing a full body rotation whilst grabbing, so you can’t even react to the animation.

They also rubber band you even if you’re like 5ft away from the grab, especially if you slide off a ledge.

Disablers catching you through the back of other enemies is also annoying and not fun.

At this point I just want them to grab you, deal some damage and then try again after, so there’s more counter to bugs/weird animations.


Tbh they’re nerfed so badly compared to Verm1 and their weird behavior diminished to such an extent that I hardly ever notice them outside of clutch situations. They are noisy and slow and can be semi-reliably knocked out of the air (outside of high ping and geometrical quirks). I agree that half the time they’re pouncing and doing weird stuff, but the other half of the time they just slide towards you with their hands up (ever since the big insta-pounce fix) and asking to get smacked.

With all the bugs & quirks they had in the first game, I still miss death-silent assassins that rolled away quickly and were difficult to catch. Also, nothing I ever saw in Verm2 beats that one assassin jumping from the top of Morrslieb back in the original Horn of Magnus and pinning down the elf while she was still getting up from the ground in the middle of a revive animation, giving her a well-deserved time out. Now that was quality.

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Why bother? All the bug reports have been acknowledged years ago without being fixed. Those are features at this point, and nothing will seriously change about them. Think of it as a pact with Tzeentch that gives assassins this weird powers to have an edge over the heroes :joy:


I agree with the OP and can confirm every single example of the weird/buggy behaviours of the assassins.
I’ve adapted to their quirks to some degree and can counter them most of the time but still, if there is one type of enemy that can pull a nasty surprise on me, then it is the infamous assassin rat.


Ok, in the starting cavern on Pinnacle of Nightmares I just saw an assassin leap from the bottom level straight into a torch by the side of the way leading up and out, and from there he reflected into a perfect intercept of an elf dodging on the upper ledges. Pls never change that.

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Late reply, but whatever

I haven’t played much V1 yet, but I haven’t noticed any significant buggy behaviour with them yet. To me it just appears to be a design decision - V1 assassins are made to be unfair and difficult to a solo player, being much faster and completely quiet, while V2 assassins are meant to be more balanced and solo friendly. What breaks them though are the bugs and weird behaviour that just make them bizarre and extremely inconsistent.

I’d think the 3 disablers we have in-game are meant to be roughly equal, but that’s not the case in practice. I can dodge a twitch leech vote with my eyes closed, meanwhile I have a very good chance of losing to 2 assassins. Hook rats, apart from a couple issues, seem to be the baseline for me in terms of difficulty.

Well, Fatshark has implemented quite a few mods into the base game by now, including the Weapon Rebalance mod, and considering I listed 2 mods that literally fix the issue, I’m hoping the devs could just implement those directly. Doesn’t seem too difficult to do.

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That didn’t stop them from not implementing stuff before :joy: But yeah, we can hope.

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