Why no gas rat / gunner attack delay?

It seems like as soon as there’s a callout made, it’s too late to pre-emptively kill them before they attack… either the gas rat has already thrown his bomb (or two of them, I don’t know if that part’s intended), or the gunner has warmed his gun up and begun firing. This is especially bad on Legend, where spending even a short time in poison or under gattling fire can kill you off. Their attack speed is ridiculous as well, with gunners starting to fire at the player usually as soon as they’re visible, and gas rats sometimes hurling bombs as soon as they even spawn.

I think both the gas rat and the gunner should be more like they were in vermintide 1, with player callouts happening about 4-5 seconds before the special even shows up… they also should not be able to throw poison or shoot as quickly as they do now. Give them a short waiting period before they can first attack to give players at least a chance of killing them before they do their damage.


They got a 1-2s delay, problem is they are capable of attacking from outside of pathable map bounds and while not in LOS/through environment objects that are a lot of the time can only be shot through 1 way/from outside the map in.

As in, they (and stormcallers) need a bug fix.

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not only hurling them as soon as they spawn but sometimes throw multiple glass globes with no break it feels like, it’s just too much. Either do something about that or tone down the damage they do, it’s just not fun. :frowning:

I’ve only seen them throw 2 globes every turn, as intended. Them spawning in your back with los is what needs to be fixed. And shooting through walls of course.

you can hear them long before they make any attacks, similar in vt1. the character callouts also activate in a similar fashion, no change.

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You know that everything that shoot you thru wall you can shoot back??
I know this don’t solve problem but ffs adapt and stop crying is getting old.

Don’t get your panties in a bunch. Try shooting back through a wall with a horde on top of you.
Just because you can counter it doesn’t mean I should pretend it doesn’t exist.

So yea im shooting them you know im also playing this game. In that situation im asking one of ppl in team to hold me aka push/stun mobs for the shoot time.

And if you rly want to do something - everytimes u see gunner or whatever something shooting thru walls, make ss and post it on bug forum.

/sorry for my English.

Are you sure about that? I know we’ve been standing in right stand on the stairs in the arena event and have been sniping specials. Gasrats were the only ones that spawned and instantly shot their gasbomb - we killed them in under … I would say 1.5 seconds, basically the airtime the arrow flew in its head. On the other hand, when a gasrat walks into range, they have a slight delay.
I might be wrong, but I think they skip their attack delay if they spawn directly in attack sight, which takes the counterplay away.

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