Ratling Gunners and bots

Can we please change how bots deal with situations involving ratling gunners? As a person who often plays solo games with bots, gunners are more likely to cause a wipe than anything else, even Chaos Spawns… Console btw so no access to bot improvements mod.

(Edit) To be more specific, could they just not immediately dive off the nearest cliff when one starts shooting?

They do not account for the force pushing them off
Also they melee every special by default only under very specific circumstances such as no walk way possible will they use the ranged weapon.
Isn’t it nice to see them roasting themselves at flamers?

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Just frustrated. Bosses or patrols? No worries. Full book runs easy. Get a gunner at the wrong spot? Whole team wipes.

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Also if the bots take cover they will not leave the position even if a gas rat throws there a gas bomb. Already lost all of my bots at the same time because of that.

I think it’s a priority problem for them.
If they only have one or two things to do, they usually function properly.
But as soon as a critical situation develops, meaning that several “high” priority actions come up, they become undecisive.
Say you have a ambush, rats coming from everywhere and specials start to spawn and a player gets disabled and there is a ratling or a gasrat, they cannot decide if they should concentrate on survival against the slaves, kill off the specials, or help the disabled player.
Also I had a case where I got pounced, Kruber started walking up to me with melee weapon in hand, Bardin was standing next to me, well in melee range, he took out the handgun, missed the shot and kept reloading…
It’s like the person who is in charge of the bots, never played the game and has no idea what should be prioritized when several, potentially fatal situations are present at the same time.

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