Lore Question - Ratling Gunners and the U5

So I have to wonder. What happened in the past? Did Ratling Gunners burn the Ubersreik 5’s houses, kill their parents, hide their toys and bully them in school? Did they capture them and torture them over months with horrible singing?

There is no other enemy in the game which bots are hunting so hatefilled like Ratling Gunners. I can fight a boss, a horde or even run to the end of the map. Unless the Gunner is dead bots have no other purpose in life.

Like seriously have Ratling Gunners married their favourtie school mate and the U5 are super-jealous? It is hard for me to understand at this point.

Note: I may have troubles getting the Bombardment challenge with bots because I can not increase the distance without them being hunted to death by bots -_- I even managed to find a semi-reliable way to make the Rat Ogre jump.


Please tell me how! I’m so sick of running Screaming Bell to help my friend get his ENGI challenge.

Also, the bots ruin everything with their bot-ness.

As far as I understand Rat Ogre’s don’t care if their is a chasm inbetween. But they will jump if they have done some marching and then come in line of sight.

The way I did it was Screaming Bell (unsurprising), rushing through the map on Champion, triggering patrols and hoping that it will kill one or two bots. Then doing the finale and as soon as the Ogre spawns run down and not engaging it. The bots will fight it for a while which is why it is important that not all three are alive (because they kill it then). If you are far enough away, the bots teleport and he will come to you. It is better though if the bots die because you then have the aggro for sure.

The most reliable way I found in this scenario was, being at the bubble already (so spawns are stopping), running back, reviving one bot. While the bot engages the Ogre I run further back to the respawn point where the bell crashed. After the bot is disabled (just hope it didnt kill the Ogre) or killed he will come to you. You have aggro and no enemies around. Here, he will make most likely a small jump. You have to start throwing the bomb before he jumps though.

I’ll give it a shot. My friend and I usually kill our bots at the beginning in case we get 2 chances at the ogre spawning.

I just wish they will give him the same darn triggers as the first vermintide. His leap was way more consistent than it is now.

I still after 2 years, have not gotten the Incoming challenge from 2018 because he never leaps!!!

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Generally it’s warpfire throwers and globadiers that give the most purpose in life to my bots. Ratling gunners seem to get taken out semi-reliably in my case.

Which is exactly my issue >.< I dont want them to be taken out semi-reliably. Especially if I run in the different direction so my bots may get the message.

I got bombardment by equipping my bots to be as un-shooty at long ranges as can be. GK, Unchained with Flamethrower, and Handmaiden with Hagbane, I believe. GK’s strenght pots also help a bunch, so you have a little more leeway with the accuracy of your throw. On Screaming Bell there are quite a few long streets where you might get an opportunity. Good luck!

And about the jumping Roger: I finally got that challenge last night thanks to that beautiful human being @kuli . He was just kiting Roger around without attacking him while I was standing a distance away with a bomb at the ready, and at some point Roger switched aggro and jumped to me. You need quite some luck for that to work though. Horrible challenge. Amd bots will do the Roger dance so well that even one will kill it alone. You definitely want them dead for this one.


Roger jumped on our first try, wasn’t even the event spawned one. It’s not about luck but the exact distance of the player who gets aggro to the rat ogre when aggro switches. Vertical distance doesn’t matter, though, it’s all about horizontal distance, i.e. 20-ish meters. You took a few steps closer when I was kiting it and thought you were too close after I deliberately dragged it a little bit further away but we still had the right distance. Guess there’s some wiggle room. After helping some people with it already, the entire thing is more or less decently to manage.

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That is very interesting. So there actually is a way to trigger a jump, sorta reliably? That info will help a lot of people, probably. I certainly didn’t know.

The bots tryna get dat sweet warpstone rocks from warp dealer skaven :laughing:

^^ wut’s good Packmaster Flash?

warpstone > skooma fo realz

If you can provide me a screenshot of the right part of the screaming bell scaffolding I might be able to help you. Me and a friend huntsman did it there. A meter difference in positioning would determine if it would jump or climb down. Stupid ogre.

Can say that Roger switch agro after wide arc swipe or with upper cut blow (but this one happens I believe only if some other units are nearby), if he hit in block and hero was pushed away.

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