Can OE rat ogre challenge be completed in weaves?

I’m sick to the back teeth of the leaping rat ogre challenge. I’ve camped out in twitch mode with 200% spawns for hours and hours, I’ve run screaming bell over and over, and the bots just screw everything up by attacking the damn rat ogre and prevent it from jumping. Can the challenge be completed in ranked weaves? If so, does anybody know which weaves have a scripted rat ogre spawn? (Preferablly something under weave 40). I just wanna go solo with no stupid bots.


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Tried it few times in the weave 5 which should be the lowest one where you can have rat ogre in the final event.
Did not manage to try and complete it due to my own stupidity (slapped of the map twice) so if it counts it or not I cannot say.

The weave also has pretty easy bomb/potion spawn so its pretty ideal.

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The game keeps crashing whenever I try to temper dlc weapons as Engi

Weave forge works alright when I’m on different classes, tho. Just something if anyone else is having the same trouble getting engi weapons in the weaves

Worked perfectly fine for me when I last tried it. Haven’t touched the game after hotfixes so no idea if it had any impact.

I had the same problem: game crashed when I tried to temper it as OE. However, I was able to temper it as Slayer and then equip on OE.

Tried it. Found a bomb, but the end event spawns a troll plus specials and skaven and then a rat ogre. Clearing everything before the rat ogre shows up was a problem. I’ll give it a few more attempts.

Hmm if you are fully kitted out with 900 power it should not be that difficulty to minigun most things down. I might try it again at some point to see if I can get it done this time without getting rat ogre slapped.

If you have not completed this challenge, I recommend this video. I finished it after watching this , and several attempts at this position can always make it jump. Remember to kill the BOT in the front ammunition box in advance.This is a Chinese forum,