Ratogre not jumping in every map

i have tried on multiple maps different methods and with fiends and with with only bots we cant get the rat ogre to jump no matter how many times we tried even using the shade and huntsman method nothing it just runs we even tried going up and down elevated terrain and even flat terrain and it still wont jump this is the 2nd day of my attempts to get the outcast engineer challenge done also before anyone mentioned i even tried the screaming bell method and nothing


I’ve been playing this game almost 3 years and still haven’t been able to complete INCOMING! challenge of killing a rat ogre mid leap.

Devs can say it’s not a bug all they want but it’s definitely way harder to trigger in V2 than it was in V1.


Throwing a bomb at a leaping rat ogre is the last Outcast Engineer challenge I have left, and it’s definitely proving to be the hardest of the bunch to pull off – simply because it’s purely a question of RNG and you can’t reliably bait the desired behavior.

Like @SirKruber, I still have not finished the other rat ogre leap challenge either, in spite of having 2700+ hours in the game. I definitely wouldn’t mind if the rat ogre’s behavior was tweaked to make leaping more common.


It seems to not want to leap ive done every method there is just like what is mentioned here its my last challenge too.

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Idk if you played V1 but the ogre definitely leaped a lot more in that game than he does now. In V1, you could easily trigger him to leap by blasting him with a bomb to his back to change his aggro and then just be a few feet from him.

That method does not appear to work in V2 at all.

Something feels off…

I have seen 2 ogres leap since Engi came out, and that’s twice as much as the 1000 hours i had before.
I haven’t played with bots in ages though, so the theory of only bots triggering the jump seems more than plausible to me.
I got the bomb off the first time, I think it was by the oak tree in Against the Grain ; and the second time was also in Against the grain, where the third tome is. The ogre spawned on the slope and jumped down.

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has anyone tried kicking it in the boll*cks?

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Fair, but for one that looks super janky, and second it doesn’t account for teammates and aggro switches either. In reality I’ve seldom seen a rat ogre leap in V2.

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That looks broke af

Can you recreate it on an actual mission map?

Just looks to me he isn’t able to path correctly in the Keep.

Great finally 100 % idiot proof way to make rat ogre jump. Might actually get the original jump challenge now :smiley:

Again I see a lot of jank and no teammates. I’m not saying you’re wrong, cause obviously you’re getting it done, but it is not as straightforward as the slam-lock or the 3-hit combo that can be triggered reliably 100% of the time.

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I just did it now but it didnt count!!! wtf i hit it with the bomb mid air but the bomb killed it in screaming bell why the fun didnt it count! I got the achievement for killing a jumping rat ogre and not the engi one what the hell

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ok lads i got it the 2nd time it took me killing my bots and playing ring around the rosie with him in screaming bell for 15mins

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Congratulations @Pershing but you just proved that there is a problem with the rat ogre’s leap triggers and it is bugging out.

The weird wiggle thing he’s doing is because he’s having difficulty pathing to you. The same thing happened with the Bile Troll on launch and that is why he would do that weird fast walk.


There is a problem/bug in my opinion with his leap he will only leap if there is a pit or space between you and him tried it in screaming bell without bots the only time he leaped was when the hole where the bell fell was between me and him and it took me running around it getting him to face me directly for 15mins of kiting other times in different maps he will just run tried also doing your method @Pershing but he just slammed and bashed he even did that weird wiggle animation too.

Rat Ogre always try to jump, when I don’t play as OE. This rat really well reads my nervous mind. T _ T

That’s definitely not true. It is probably linked to pathing, perceived distance and line of sight, but they jump plenty over really short distances and without any elevation change or obstacles (as perceived by the player). The most reliable place for me is the ramp leading up to first tome in Righteous stand.

This challenge is complete BS. I’ve been doing 200% twitch and camping out in different locations for hours and hours on different maps at different elevations. I’ve killed 40-50 rat ogres in the last few days and I only saw 1 leap…once. One of the major problems is that bots have no chill and rush to the rat ogre instead of letting it come to you. This and all the game crashes and incompatibility with APPROVED mods, really makes me question whether Fatshark ever test their own game before releasing a new patch. The whole thing is shoddy and reflects badly on them. Please invest in some quality control.

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Welp, I finally pulled it off. All I had to do in the end was kill off the bots during the Screaming Bell end event and pray for the Rat Ogre’s cooperation. :laughing:

I didn’t do every Engineer challenge two days after release, so I’m definitely not one of the cool kids, but still – one more Master Engineer Bardin Goreksson, reporting for duty.

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