Ogre rat does not jump

Well topic says all. I know it’s supposed to jump when someone aggroes him from far away, but either the distance is too far, or he just charge instead of leaping on you.

One jumped at me just last night. But I can’t remember the last time before that, so I agree either something is bugged or the chance for a jump is just way too low

It might be that the Rat Ogre will only jump over flat terrain with no obstacles obstructing it?

I’ve not remembered the last time when a Rat Ogre spawned and I didn’t just beat it to death in melee. If they do spawn at a massive distance, I’ve never stood somewhere that was on the same height as them or didn’t have a fence/wall/rock/rubble between them and I. At the same time, I’ve not seen one jump since I witnessed Sigmar unify the Reikland. Perhaps they are related?

I’ve seen them jump a lot lately. But I tend to be on WHC or Elf, so I’m spamming ranged. This only happens if I’m the only one on the boss, if all 4 of us are attacking, most bosses are dead in 10-15 seconds. So they don’t really get to do much.

I remember in one of the dlc maps for V1 the rat ogre would spawn on top of the castle and leap down, super epic style… I’d love to see more leaps of that nature, so cool!

Try fighting on uneven terrain. It feels really random most of the time but when i pay attention I mostly see the rogers jumping when there is a difference in elevation rather than a long distance between the party members.

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