Issue dump

I’m just going to dump a bunch of issues here from playing many hours over the past few weeks.

  1. Rat Ogre teleported here on War Camp instantly
  2. Festering Ground - Blightstormer casting through cave roof
  3. Got knocked down on Into the Nest beneath the minecart bridge (with the tome) by a Stormvermin and fell through the level
  4. Awful clipping on this statue in Screaming Bell
  5. Empire in flames respawn point too far if you die above the stairs in the building with the dropdown before the manor. If you die after said point, you respawn in the barrel event where you can actually participate instead of being benched for the entire thing.
  6. Couldn’t hit a special up here (Halescourge)
  7. Couldn’t hit this Stormvermin (Into the Nest)
  8. AI Director went berserk in town circle of Halescourge. The steps behind me had no ammo box, we had just beaten a Rat Ogre where we are standing, and 2 Stormvermin patrols spawned in the town circle, which I imagine means they are nigh unavoidable. Not a huge issue, but I don’t think 2 Stormvermin patrols are supposed to spawn in the same exact area.

Entry nr. 8.
We had the same, only with chaos+stormvermin patrol. After killing off the chaos patrol, rats immediately spawned and had to kill those off too.

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