Double patrol and boss

First time see it. Halescourge map. Default legend. Should it be possible or its a bug.

Boss, cw patrol and sv patrol right before map end, on that wide street.

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Had it at the same spot the other day. Was alot of fun though.

Only once on Righteous Stand towards the end of the map a long time ago. The rat patrol spawned on the broken part of the wall and we by-pasted it going along the cliff route. They followed. CW patrol spawned going down the stairs to the cliff side right after a Rat Ogre spawned and started running down the ledge. trapped by two patrols and a boss. Needless to say, it was a failed run.

I dont mind if it tend to be. Just curious. We slain all them btw)))

Halescourge’s spawn triggers are seriously messed up - always were.

Ye, like that boss waiting you after the gate peacefully

Reported the exact same situation a couple of months ago. I know it’s not supposed to happen but I kind of wished it happened more often :slight_smile:

I’ve seen this twice within the last patch same spot in Halescourge. Both cases ended up in a team wipe.

You just gotta yolo it, works every time

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