Boss and patrol spawn in the same area

This bug is back, and i have seen it at least in 3 different locations. Although i know you will ask for specific locations, i would advise a re-check of all locations. It is back big, it just isn’t as noticable as the possibility for it occuring just isn’t as high.
Also, since when can 3 combined occur? I thought it can only happen 2 times per map, but 2 bosses and a patrol in a map (or vice versa) happened multiple times since the latest updates.


Hey, guess what, I have a video of that happening at Empire in Flames:
Chaos spawn appeared, then skaven patrol spawned, but Bardin bot was mvp and carried us through that.
Also, it happened after Engineer update, if that matters.

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Could it be that it isn’t since Engineer but since the Season 4 update? i didn’t notice it right after, but during the holidays and in the new year (season 4 came on dec 20) more often.

I recorded it December 29, according to video file information. Maybe, a day or two earlier.
So, I guess you’re right.

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