Boss + Patrol Situation

Recently I’ve guided bots through Festering Ground.
When we’d reached bridge near first tome, chaos patrol showed up. To avoid it, I climbed up the ladder, bots followed me. Shortly after that spawn appeared and ran up to us.
But, as far I’m aware, there can be either monster or patrol.
So, can one of the devs confirm if this is a bug or a feature, please?
This happened once or twice for me so far, and I have no idea how to reproduce this.
Here’s a screenshot of that situation (monster and patrol are marked by red circles):

And some console logs if necessary:
console-2019-10-19-13.25.28-25df06a3-5e31-48b0-b76a-c2855554405e.log (535.5 КБ)


I’ve had this; there is, unfortunately, two separate triggers in this area that uncommonly trigger around the same time.

I’m unable to confirm whether this is intentional or not, but I’ve queried it internally.

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