Monster and patrol at the same time

I have no idea if this is a bug or a new feature. I saw two such cases since 4.4.1.
The first was in Empire in Flames around the first grim.
The second was in Festering Grounds.
There weren’t marching sounds but I’m quite sure this is a skaven patrol.
Official realm ofc.

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i get patrol + boss sometimes, i don’t think it’s a bug. It’s just no luck at all.

(i even get a patrol + boss + hordes)

Maybe but I don’t remember similar cases before. Never.

It’s unlucky but intended. That being said, if spawn triggers happen together, let’s say on top of level events and stack up to be something ridiculously nasty then we’re always happy to take a look at it and change trigger points if necessary.

If anyone comes across a scenario like that and can pinpoint and report exactly where it happened in a level that would be ideal :slight_smile:


I don’t remember seeing patrol + boss in 1300 hours of playing :open_mouth:
I thought the triggers triggered either a boss, a patrol or nothing ; and two consecutive triggers couldn’t trigger the same thing (so you can’t have 2 bosses in a row or 2 patrols in a row).

Is OP’s situation that they passed a trigger that spawned a boss, and they moved forward through another trigger that spawned a patrol ; or a single trigger that spawned both ?

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Thanks, Lev.
It wasn’t nasty but rather surprizing.

I could also swear that I haven’t seen both triggering in the same area (simultaneously or right after each other) in over 2000 hours since release, but in the last few months it has happened several times (and is back as well in some spots)


It´s silly rare but it does happen.

I do not recall exactly but cant a boss spawn just after that tiny drop after the first tome on the warcamp? The same area that is so infamous for the facial patrol spawns?

I havent had both happen myself but i´d keep the possibility in mind.


That War Camp spot is so weird. I even had patrols spawn way behind us there (a non-threat, but silly)

They probably increased the chance from 0.00001% to 1%

Some maps just have very close triggers so it’s possible to roll a pat/boss in one and whatever you didn’t get from first trigger in the other.

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