Halescourge ghost spawn patrol

Issue Summary:
A sudden storm vermin patrol spawns in a single point, all 12-16 of them at the very same spot.

Steps to Reproduce:
Cant really reproduce, it happened twice last 12 hours in about 7-8 halescourge games.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Unusual (< 25%)

Additional Information:
It is like the spawn director is not spawning a random creep in the back of us, but suddenly a full fledged skaven patrol. Once happened in front of my friend on a small cart box, 12 hours later same happened, but totally different location, right next to a door wreckage. Both times halescourge.

console-2018-11-03-15.25.34-1E63F6E2-8039-4918-A438-3B67.log (968.0 KB)
console-2018-11-03-13.10.34-110A568F-B868-4FCD-88D5-4B2F.log (2.0 MB)

Should this occur again, please screenshot the location and send it our way. Thank you!

When it happend with the added logs it happened at this spot.
I was walking on the upper ledge on the right and when turned back saw a swarm of stormvermins at this doorside all staying at this spot. Once i moved back to the team, the whole 12-16 SV scattered and were not inhabiting the very same spot anymore. Just for the brief spawn time itself (a second or so) happened that all stayed right here at the jamb, like when a random creep is spawned by the director.

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