Special, elite, boss, pat and junk mobs are spawn where players are

Issue Summary:
Literally all enemy sometimes spawn where you are.
For patrol, i experienced 3 times, entire patrol spawned at one dot place just where you are or your team are and 12 sv killed one of you 0.5 second

And i saw 5 slave rats spawned just behind our teamates i kill 3 just as i saw them but 2 rats hit and he was downed

Also bosses are spawned one of teams location and attack without notification

This is happened after 1.2 but happened too much during last week and this week
Steps to Reproduce:

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Rare (< 10%)
Unusual (< 25%)
Common (< 50%)
Often (< 75%)
Constant (100%)

Additional Information:

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If things are spawning in plain sight, we need to know the exact spots this happens so we can look in to fixing them up. Cheers SJK!

For more info, these things happened at bridge near 2nd tome and place where 3rd tome is and at finale(in finale boss appear at 3rd place and gutter runner will spawn infinitely till boss die) in festring ground, broken road with chest in fort brachenbruke and sunken town with 1st grim and neat 3rd tome tower in halescourge

If you could grab screenshots next time you’re in the area and mark big red arrows on them, it helps me get these through the level design team much, much easier.

Hi! @Fatshark_Hedge
Festering grounds, first buboe event, specials usually spawn around my crosshair, even if theres a player at that spot.

I have an example of this happening on The Skittergate. Two Blightstormers spawned right on us just before the drop where the entrance to the ice cave is:

I don’t remember the difficulty - it was either Champion or Legend.

EDIT - should clarify that my example is on Xbox One as well.

Another example although XB1 Console on Righteous Stand/Legend Difficulty.

I’ve been experiencing it on many maps so far. On festering ground after the first drop on the stairs is a spot i’ve had frequent special face spawns.

On convoc near the drop off the broken rail way into the darkness:

On convoc exiting the spot with the spiraling staircase:

On fort:

Had this happen quite a lot too, on different maps. Most amusing one was a Stormfiend spawning inside a teammate just before a drop on Festering ground. It happened today so I thought I’d contribute to this thread. Sackrat spawned where the medkit/sack is on the left and at the exact same moment a patrol spawned at the far end. They spawned a few seconds before the screenshot so most likely moved a few meters. Didn’t mess with us since they spawned behind but it was a sudden spawn and sackrat spawned right in front of me.

Console log (last map played - Fort Brachsenbrücke deed)
console-2018-09-29-15.26.07-EED64F9B-720D-4D6E-AC94-95FF.log (3.7 MB)

Another example on Convocation of Decay on Legend. We had a Warp Fire and Bile Troll spawn on us - didn’t cost us the game, but was a little surprising. (Xbox).

Apologies for no sound - forgot that I had muted my capture card at the time of recording. Welp.
Warp Fire in question at 0:04, Bile Troll at 0:24.

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Ratling spawned right next to me (ratling gun showing) on Righteous stand. On a side note there are usually a lot of specials spawning in plain sight inside the arena. not sure if bug or intended.

Bad screenshot but it’s right after the arena fight elevator (same game of Righteous stand. Chaos spawn was triggered by, staircase after first grim, and we pulled back to elevator room. A skaven patrol spawned on top of us (most likely - no sound notification at all) and decided to join the fight. This one is slightly more troublesome since patrols are not supposed to share spawn spots with bosses since patch X.

Patrol spawned when remaining teammates made it to the point where Kerillian is standing. Not sure if intended or not (ai spawn range). They can be seen top center under the wooden bridge.

console-2018-10-02-16.16.22-885D5710-524B-4775-8D8F-0605.log (4.3 MB)
Maps ran as client.

Here is a video of us having some ambush fun on Convocation. Some details about host’s computer follow in the chat.

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