Enemy spawn where player is becoming worse with new patch

Issue Summary:
As you can see, EVEN BOSS can be spawned among player group
See kruber and bardin they are coming back becuz boss spawned where elf and elf was behind XD
also 2 patrol is spawned same place
wasn’t so harsh?

Steps to Reproduce:

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Constant (100%)

Additional Information:

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also i got backend error 1123 again

why… new patch bring old bug… again and again?

I had this happen a couple of times saturday night on Xbox. Flame or gun rats appearing out of thin air right in front of me while I’m looking in that direction. They need to fix this.

Just had the double patrol too

Just had this happen to me - Empire in Flames basement


Here’s a link to a GIF I made of the spawn out of thin air.

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