Okri's Challenges - Rat Ogre Help

Kill a Rat Ogre mid leap

Seems like an easy challenge except I can’t get Roger to leap. In V1, after Roger finishes his attack animations, he would change aggro to another player (one who was furthest away from him) and leap towards him.

I can’t seem to get Roger to leap at all in V2 and he only leaps when he enters the map. I’ve even got his hp down really low, killed off all my bots, but nothing I do makes him leap. He just stomps around angrily.

How do you get Roger to leap???

I dunno, that’s a good question cuz that’s one of the few Okri’s challenges for enemies I don’t have yet. :confused:

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Well, when you figure it out, please let me know!

When he does his swing attack that throws you away (and hits you) he resets his aggro and starts to go for nr 2 on his threatlist.
Just try to have that person stand a couple of yards away and hope for some lucky rng as he use his leap to close the distance.
My stack used the screaming bell ogre and his arena to get it.


Awesome! Thank you!

I did this one solo, on against the grain and on a lower difficulty.
An easy way in my opinion is to run Handmaiden with invisibility after dash, reduce the health of the rat ogre and then dash away. When it jumps, finish it off with the longbow. An alternative would be to use Shades invisibility, Zealot dash, Battle Wizard and to use a shrapnel bomb instead of a ranged weapon.

Basically you need a way to stun the ogre and to create some space between it and you. Also, if doing it solo make sure to kill the bots :slight_smile:

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Wow… I didn’t even think about trying that! I rarely play any of the heroes that can turn invisible. Thank you so much for your advice!

Get this one on Screaming bell. You´ll get a 100% ogre an no specials/hordes which will disturb you at the event. Take your time and he´ll jump. It tooked me about 5 min of kiting with the stealthmaiden, then i got him.

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Screaming bell is one of my favorite maps! I know a place where the bots get stuck so I’m going to let Roger push them all off then try to get that challenge.

Thanks for the awesome advice! It’s been the most difficult challenge I’ve come across even though it seems so simple!

I think the Stormfiend one is bugged. Played 4 matches back to back, had gotten a Stormfiend and he was obliterated by Shade. No one took fire damage, no one got credit for the achievement. We were all pretty upset about that…

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Noone even have to walk through the fire on the ground. You´ll get maybe just one dot - tick. So did the stormfiend used it fire once and someone maybe walked through it?

The fire on the ground only damages players when the stormfiend is shooting out the warpfire.

After he stops doing that, it no longer damages you. Regardless, we’ve even tried to avoid the fire on the ground to no avail.

If you get a hit from the warpfire, you´ll get the 5 ticks dot, but if it don´t fires and you stand / run through the grounded fire, you´ll get 1 tick atleast. No matter if the SF shoots or not. That´s my overall experience.

Otherwise i read it from a lot of ppl " i didn´t got a hit etc. " The hitbox from the warpfire is ugly. Maybe the system thinks that you eat something, but you didn´t got any dmg. I don´t know.

Like I said before, my group tried it both ways. Not getting hit whatsoever and completely avoiding the fire dot on the ground.

Still no challenge completion.

Also, I’m playing the beta balance… do not know if that is important.

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