Rat Ogre Insta-Smash

This has probably been addressed, or maybe there’s a way around it that I’m not aware of but here goes…

Been trying shade recently and I have noticed that when I BS the rat ogre, he will often spin and do the unblockable downward smash seemingly instantly. Could be wrong but it felt once or twice like the damage came before even the end of the animation. Either way there was no possibility of dodging, and I got downed to this a couple of times and it felt very cheap.

I’m sure its a problem for other classes too but it’s very noticeable as shade because you tend to pull aggro so effectively.

Maybe remove the spin-smash and have it just be part of the forward attack set? Or make it blockable. Because right now it feels like skill is irrelevant and that makes me feel very sad.


180 spin attacks are not unique to rat ogre, and i hope it’s not intended to be this way. The problem is just more apparent on the ogre because of how fast he does his block-ignoring slam. I think right now you just have to expect those things, and dodge the moment you attack.
Lets just see if FS will ever fix it.

It’ll feel smoother to charge up an attack, hit, block and dodge backwards and repeat till you get aggro, also make sure the boss isn’t in his halfway animation where it’s about to swap aggro because you hitting it will most certainly have it prioritize you then, that said yea I know all about it, +60 on my elf atm.

Prior to hitting it take a second to flick your vision about and plot an escape plan before smacking it so you don’t end up between a rock and an ogre if you do have to kite.

Most notable make sure you do the same thing with chaos spawn, similar issue.


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