Rat ogre damaging before animation plays/finishes (As host)

This is on legendary Chaos Wastes while hosting/playing with friends.

Title pretty much sums it up, I’m just trying to figure out what the hell happened here. Played a good amount of the game and have not had something like this happen before (Normally I find rat ogres easy/can dodge them fine)

Both times I’m confused as to why it did the damage early/as much as it did between dodging and blocking.

For example, on the first hit: Frame right before hit

Next frame

It hadn’t even finished the attack not to mention I blocked it.

Then it just… straight up deletes me from existence after getting revived.

First frame.

Next frame it just instantly goes back into default stance/never finishes the attack.

What the hell game? I’m both Salty and confused about this.


This is how client feels :slight_smile:

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Yeah, bosses’ big overhead slams have always been able to ignore shields (unlike e.g. rat ogre’s three mini-slams-while-moving combo which doesn’t ignore them) but there’s definitely an animation desync going on there with how his attack connected as he was winding up.

I wasn’t playing as much before CW so I can’t be sure but I did feel like this was happening a bit more often than before. Not every run, but some, and especially vs beastmen (especially the mino), even as host.

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