Invisible Weave Rat Ogre

I’ve just played some weave with friend and stumbled into rat ogre turning invisible to me only. As far as I remember, it’s an old bug.
So, steps to reproduce:

  1. Play Weaves;
  2. Be client, not host;
  3. Some unknown conditions;
  4. Watch your host fighting invisible monster.
    I’ve managed to record only a part of that video, but I can tell what happened before.
    Basically, ogre spawned, I got his attention using Piston Power and shield bash, then it looked like it fell under the map, but kept hitting me anyway. Then rat ogre aggroed on host and the video happened.
    Here’s the link:
    As you can see, Kruber fight it just fine, I cannot see it nor attack it (no hitbox indication), but then it appeared again.
    If there’s any other information I need to provide, please, let me know.
    P.S. I’m not mad, I’m just very confused.

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