Weave Illusions of Kruber's Imperial Shields

I’d like to report about several bugs of Kruber’s shield weapons in Weaves and other weapons in general.

First, his shield position is far too high and takes most of the screen. I remeber complaints about it in the past and that it was fixed, but Weave illsuions still have it somehow.

Second, for some reason tagged enemies can’t be seen through weapons. It might be a feature, probably is a feature, but it’s kinda confusing. Players can see tagged enemies through walls (literal hacks), but looking at their silhouettes through a shield is prohibited.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play Weaves as Kruber with shield and sword (not Bretonnian one) or shield and mace.
  2. Get irritated from the fact you can’t see a thing while holding block.
  3. Ping some enemies and look at the through shield or other weapon.

Here are the videos:

  1. Two examples of shield blocking the view and tagged specials:
  1. On the other hand, similar illusion of normal game has its shield lower compared to Weave one. Still can’t see tagged enemies:

I was quite happy when they changed the position of that shield skin. Another person answered quite soon that the Weave version is still broken. It didnt gain much attention.



Fixing the POV in one version of the weapon while ignoring the exact same issue in another… This had been one of those Fatshark classics and it still bothers me to this day.

You should also proof-read your post and remove the first part that’s been copy-pasted :blush:

Relevant post, been acknowledged, should be fixed in next patch.

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