First person shield in weaves

There was a patch more than 6 months ago which improved visibility for Kruber & Bardin’s shield weapons but did not do so for those same weapons on weaves and weaves only, the issue does not exist for the weave skins outside of weaves.

This was *also reported over 6 months ago* and there's been no change since then either.

Kruber's shield still blocking view in weaves
Love the new shield placement

Weaves are just completely neglected.

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Good :triumph:

On a more serious note, i do honestly not think the weaves existing is a good thing simply because they are too freaking big and require too much to keep em functional and polished.

Even if one thing or another gets fixed there will be more which is not a very great baggage to have when basegame&new expansion &basic system are struggling with bugs or just poor functionalities. Or both.


A heap of great weapon illusions are hidden in there where most people will never see em! It´s a tragedy!


Problem is, there’s an entire sub-community who only play weaves, even if they are neglected :’)

All the communities are neglected if we just look at the backlog of bugs for any of em x)

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