Various Weave Bugs

Recently I’ve played some Weaves and noticed several weird things.

  1. Weave 123 “Jade Ruins”, part 1.
    After we triggered 2nd Essence Fracture, waves of enemies (mostly monks and stormvermin) had been showing up for almost 4.5 minutes, and it was enough to almost fill up the essence bar. I don’t know if it’s either a bug of broken spawns or weird design choice, but I’ll leave it here anyway.
    Steps to reproduce:
  1. Play Weave 123.
  2. Touch 2nd Essence Fracture.
  3. See the spawns.
    Not sure, how exactly it can be reproduced, we played this weave only twice, and it happened on the 2nd time.
    Here’s the video (warning: I use Soundpad to communicate with teammates):
  1. Weave 123 “Jade Ruins”, part 2.
    I ended up standing on the stairs, got bestigor charging at me, used my conflagration staff to stagger it, and he somehow appeared on the fence behind me. At least, that’s what it looked like from my (client) side. Pretty sure, bestigor was behind me all the time, since he had no trouble pushing or attacking.
    Steps to reproduce:
  1. Play Weave 123 as Sienna with conflagration staff and get to 2nd part. Be the client?
  2. Stand on the stairs and have bestigor charging at you.
  3. Stagger it with your staff.
  4. Watch your back.

Here’s the video:

  1. Weave 125 “Bright Delving”, part 2.
    During a fight troll managed to do a weird high speed spin and hit a player. Probably, it’s not even weave related, but here it is. Looks like Kruber stood too close to it and forced such an attack.
    Steps to reproduce:
  1. Fight a troll.
  2. Stand too close to it.
  3. Be lucky.
    Maybe it’s just client side thing, but Kruber (host) was confused as well.
  1. Weave 124 “Gold Canyon”.
    It seems, that metal aura noise interferes with backstab sound. I’ve got multiple occasions of not hearing it and getting hit from behind. Or it’s just simply too much sounds so backstab one gets supressed somehow.
    Steps to reproduce:
  1. Play any metal weave.
  2. Get metal aura.
  3. Get backstabbed and listen to the sound absence.

Here are two videos.
First one is silent chaos warrior almost killing me from behind when I have metal aura and try to snipe some specials:

Second video. Same place, same situation, except it’s stormvermin. Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?

P.S. Here are some console logs, I hope the right ones, if needed
console-2021-02-22-22.53.17-4542106d-0b46-4b03-bbe4-b98c7d54266c.log (2.1 MB)

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Just keep on going. I hope anyone reads your reports and will do the right thing as soon as possible.

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