Essence Shards Need Better Placement!

I just tried to run a Weave but it found no players, so it was me and 3 bots.
I was Beserker Bardin; no ranged weapon.
So I had to destroy Essence Shards but each and every shard was on an unreachable roof! You NEEDED a ranged weapon, since the Bots would not shoot them. I feel like no one took Bardin into account when setting placements for those shards…

Bardin has throwing axes.

Yes but it was a weave. I did not have the Essence to unlock his throwing axes.

You can earn essence from main game maps. Weaves are designed to have these kinds of niches, which weave number was it if you recall?

It was a quick play. An Asquy Weave. I’m on 8 so I’d guess 8 maybe 7? I was solo, and left after 5 minutes of barely finding any skaven or Chaos men to kill, and being unable to reach at least 4 different nodes I saw.
When I next tried to quick play, the bonus objective was to use a barrel to blow up an essence node.