Weaves with Shattered Essence Chunks are broken after Engineer update

list of broken ranked weaves:

When this bug will be fixed?

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Yep got the same issue. No second essence chunk mission shows, and if you go to the location where it should be there is nothing there.

This happens on weave 18 and 12 for me. I completed 12 just before engi update and it worked. So probably update that broke it.

Hopefully it can be fixed quickly because end of season is approaching and I still have a few weaves I want to clean up including 18.

Also weaves 23, 27 are broken.

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Can confirm. this happens with breaking chunks and with exploding the chunks with barrels missions in weaves. Complete gamestopper as the AI director will not actually spawn more enemies to compensate and leads to 5+ minute treks with barely encountering one 2-3 enemies in that time which makes the mission UNCOMPLETEABLE. The game seems to trigger the sound as if a horde might show up, but one never does. Has broken game flow and will guarenteed fail after making you wait the requisite time.

If this is the level of quality I can expect from Fatsharks regression testing for something charged as an “expansion” I will be saving my money and money I invested into getting it for friends into other more stable games than this.

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Can confirm, 103 does the same thing of only giving one.

I am not sure about the specific weave number (possibly weave 12 since it looks very similar with the right modifiers) since I did them through quickplay but every time I had a weave mission with an essence chunk involved, only one would spawn and no hordes would spawn either.

This is to say, I would hear the music and audio cues for hordes but no enemies actually spawned into the map. I don’t know if this is similar to what everyone else here is experiencing too.

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