Weave 115

Weave 115 does not have enough essence to complete task. We kill all enemies on map and we still need more.

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Yea, you play it 100 times and pray that you get lucky and then don’t screw up in the arena, the peak Weave experience.


What the hell? Why its [acknowledged] and not fixed? There is 2 weeks until the end of season and this “acknowledged” bug still in the game? WTF?

Moreover, you have to go through waves that are stupid in terms of game design, and also go through bugs that the developer refuses to fix.
Are you f* serious?

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There are a few “waves” of ennemies that you need to not proc too close to each others, like the one just after the small cave. You also need some people to not die with enemies on them or they despawn.
It’s indeed, really annoying. At least the finale is easy.

And I have surprise for you, it is not getting fixed :joy:

Well, you eat sh*t, that’s what you do. Lot of pain if you want that frame :rofl:

There is quite a bit of time pressure in the finale, but yea not completely crazy.

Ok, after few hours of playing on modded realm with cheat mods, i found a problem on this weave.
When we played together we always first trigger “2 heal potion” spot. And if you do that essence will not be enough for ending even if you kill all enemies on map (100% repeatability).

On weave 115 first trigger must be a barrel, if it’s not you can restart.
maybe it’s help someone

PS: sorry for my english

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We always went down for the barrel first and still did not get enough essence many times. And then suddenly we got more then enough on one run and like 7+ min left for arena.

Unfortunately don’t have the 115 recorded because I got bored with recording after like 15 hours.

And looking at vid Ice made, they did go to the double heal spot right at the start and finished the weave.


Acknowledged only means that they opened a ticket to the developers to check.
What the priority is, when they look at it, whether they re-prioritize it and actually fix it? Maybe FS knows.
And it won’t be fixed before the end of the season so that they don’t mess with the current rankings on the leader boards.
Have fun!


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Yeah, its true, we got to the end on first step few times yesterday, and don’t have essence every time. So we just unlucky with this sh*t.

Do you know what other developers do in same situations? Blizzard with diablo3(seasons)/WoW(mythic progress) or Grinding gear with PoE(league), they FIXING BUGS, doesn’t matter how much time from start already or how much people already skip bugged place.

We spend more then 100 hours on this season for this stupid pink frame. Yes may be we not so good as other people in ranking table and we need more time to end high weave, but we do this sh*t, and if it weren’t for the bug, we would probably have managed to get the frame. But you know, what we have? Big and fat spit in the face.

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Just wait for one of those people to come and tell you that you have to give them all the time they need and all the money they ask you for and then, eventually, everything will be fixed.

I’m already gave them my money when buy this dlc, and give them time to fix when its been a beta, now i need a hotfix to get that what i buy

I just tell people, don’t do it. Just do the 40 weaves or 80 if you enjoy enjoy some pain, but f*ck the 120, it’s absolutely not worth the frustration.

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