Weave 35 - Not enough enemies

I’ve been trying to complete Weave 35 and have been unable to complete it because no further hordes occur after around 7 minutes remaining, after the barrel event. There aren’t enough ambients to get the bar all the way. Have tried three times now, but had completed it a few weeks ago successfully (that time it also took two or three tries to finally get a run with enough enemies).

It would be much better if the barrel objective guaranteed portal access (perhaps in all the weaves, all objectives should guarantee access) instead of relying on some degree of mob kills additionally.

Really, really sucks to spend the last 7 minutes of the map hunting for 1 or 2 random enemies, not knowing how much they contribute to the bar, nor how much specifically the bar needs to trigger the portal. And then to wipe at no fault of the players.

haahahahha, three times :joy:

Expect this many more times during your weave journey and imagine doing this on super hardcore weave which you can’t even finish… and once you manage to finally get to the end… you have nothing to kill… so you do another few hours of running it over and over just to get this no enemies like 10 times and then if you are lucky … you finally do that map after 10-20-30-50 hours, depending on how good your team is and how lucky you are.

Or there is weave which will just crash right before the finish and other fun stuff that they are not really fixing … even tho season is coming to an end.

Recommendation: don’t even bother. Maybe do the first 40 for colorful frames and just save yourself the pain.

This is, of course, true for weaves 75 and 115, too. A real pain in the ass in its current state, no other way of putting it.


I can confirm the gravity of the issue so far as it is my only weave left (the 115 one), and this issue happens a lot. Giving the difficulty of this weave, it is a bit critical to not fix it before the new season.

If the cause can’t be fix easily, please make the barrel more rewarding so you can actually complete it even with enemies left.


Maybe they want to keep the same level of weave pain for everyone :sweat_smile:

It can also be “hard to fix” (as a dev I can understand that), but there need to be some kind of “hotfix” waiting for the “real one” :stuck_out_tongue:

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5% more essence progress for putting the barrel in should do it to make this broken weave actually completable. Can’t be that hard to change a number.

As of writing, I have progressed through 115 nine times to reach the portal location without having enough essence progress. Quality experience, time well spent.

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